Dominos Pizza In Lekki Lagos Allegedly Selling Expired Pizza As Customers Battle Diarrhea & Fever

dominos pizza expired pizzas lekki lagos

September 5, 2017 – Dominos Pizza In Lekki Lagos Allegedly Selling Expired Pizza As Customers Battle Diarrhea & Fever

If you must buy Pizza in Lagos state Nigeria please be careful where you go.

According to residents of Lekki Lagos, Dominos Pizza is currently selling expired Pizza to unsuspecting people.

Victims are now battling Diarrhea and fever.

Here is what a victim @adaorasays wrote on IG today:

Another victim @tomi_sucre wrote:

9 thoughts on “Dominos Pizza In Lekki Lagos Allegedly Selling Expired Pizza As Customers Battle Diarrhea & Fever

  1. Report to NAFDAC. They are the Agency to check foods. The public should also be informed about what fast food will likely cause problem in the human body. Personally, I think it wise to be wary of pastries with “fillers” inside eg meat pie, fish pie etc because with the humidity or temperature in Nigeria, those fillers are likely to spoil faster than plain bread or cake made with only flour without mixing anything that gets rotten easily.
    There should be surprise checks on all these fast food outlets because we rely so much on their snacks whether at work or while travelling. If the outlets expect surprise checks by the Agencies concerned they might sit up.

  2. Yeye Colonial mentality. Since when did pizza become staple food in Nigeria that people are lining up to buy? What happened to amala and ewedu, ofada rice with ponmo and boiled egg (my favorite in secondary school), eba with ogbonno soup, iyan with egusi or okazi etc? How long do you think the imported ingredients used in making their pizzas have been in the freezer, with electricity coming on and off? It’s a case of food poisoning. The Chinese, for example, import all their food from China, as they don’t patronize any other. So, the chicken or duck you are eating has probably been frozen for 2 years before getting on your plate. Also, what you are eating may be dog meat for spare ribs or vulture replacing chicken on your menu. You better go back to your roots and stop eating junk food that do the body no good, in the name of civilization.

  3. that concern who patronizes such oyibo pig as food a half of akpo without soup is better than carton of this white man cat shit one day they may sales grass for you?

  4. Amala and gbegiri dey joint where we dey sweat wen beleful.
    The goat meat no get rival.
    Wash am down with wetin ya throat desire.

  5. Guys Dominos source their stuff from SA where they have a great franchise that is competing with other pizzerias with better quality pizza, Nigeria is always a dumping ground for mess, because there is no effective consumers protectors…
    Not until Nigerian stands-up and fight for their right thing will not change. A times in democracy people place demand for service to be delivered to them. Even in developed countries people protest and demand for democratic devidents.
    Guys a lawyer can take the matter to court if the evidence is tested and are true, therefore this presents great money for good lawyers.

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