Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton Loses As America Faces Uncertain Future

November 9, 2016 – Hillary Clinton Concedes Defeat Congratulates Donald Trump As America Faces Uncertain Future

Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton Loses As America Faces Uncertain Future

American businessman Donald J Trump has become the first political novice to win the US Presidential election since Dwight Eisenhower in 1952.

Trump’s victory has now set the world in general into a journey of the unknown.

The controversies, racist record and sexist behaviour that would have easily destroyed others didn’t in anyway affect the man who had cheated so many poor people in his lifetime.

This is a man that wasn’t supported by the media, top celebrities, past presidents and yet he still won.

What is your take on Donald Trump’s victory????

12 thoughts on “Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton Loses As America Faces Uncertain Future

  1. SOMETIMES THE WINDS BLOW, and the clouds gather, yet without rain. That is nature, fickle as it is. Prior to the polls, the political weather was in huge favour of Hillary. That is why even TB Joshua came to tell us that thing I doubt between prophecy and prediction, which one it is. It doesn’t matter now, anyway. The monkeys in the trees and the fishes in the seas know how to interpret political weather better than the clergy.

    RESPICE FINEM, BY FRANCIS QUARLES (1592–1644) IS what I have for this turn of events.

    MY soul, sit thou a patient looker-on;
    Judge not the play before the play is done:
    Her plot hath many changes; every day
    Speaks a new scene; the last act crowns the play.

  2. America is a great country and will still maintain that stand…But in this America election, there is something to learn, both from God Above and America as a country. Never lose hope, no matter how people castigate you.

  3. Americans have entered a turning point in the political history of their nation. Donald Trump’s ascendancy to president and the white house should be welcome with caution and anxiety. America indeed now faces uncertain future ranging from immigration,economic and foreign policy.

    He’s winning the US presidential election has already created panic and volatility in the financial and currency market with Dollar falling significantly against other internationally traded currencies. It is just a glimpse of greater US economic woes to come.

    Let’s also believe for now that his proposal or plan to send africans most especially Nigerians back home if elected a US president was just a political rhetoric and slogans to get more white american to vote for him. If not,the americans are in for trouble. Let’s watch with keen interest this surprising and shocking movie as it unfold.

  4. D onald trump is man that changes from his statement across the years. This is a blessing in disguise but he is not stable and has big mouth so don’t judge him by his mouth,Everything he said about blacks and Muslims were programmed for him to get the people’s vote. He will reduce tax by stopping America getting into wars because too much tax is money used in fighting American wars. And Obama give us Buhari because he is a Muslim,Today Buhari is a joke. My dear nobody is going. If you have citizenship, You are not going from America. ” I rest my case”

  5. His victory just highlight d fact dat Americans are not weaked minded people nor religious or Illitrate unlike wat we have here in Nigeria, if it were to be in Nigeria Trump after wat he said abt woman he would hv lost massive bt Americans don’t gv a bullshit abt dat, weak minded look at wat U guys have as president,a visionless man. LOL @NIGERIA

  6. the way a man think is different from what God has in store for u. I wldnt ve taught trump will win the election

  7. This will teach a lesson to those who embellish America’s greatness; Trump is simply above the law! He did not conform to any of the established standards and he handsomely got away with it. I reluctantly voted for Clinton, she is responsible for her own destruction. She lost the election longtime ago, blacks do not like how she treated Obama during Libya uprising; she was very irritating and pressurized Obama to take stupid actions against Gadaffi.

  8. Trump is gonna be one of the best president, ever to have claim the White House. At least, America will not be forced to experience any recession like Nigeria.

    I wish him God‘s guidance, divine wisdom and leadership qualities that will shame all those who never wanted him in that office in the first place. Especially the MALOS.

    I take a stroll…


  10. Today’s date is 9/11; at least it is…. The way we write it. Just wondering if it is significant in the present scheme of affairs sha ooo !!!

  11. The ways of man are totally different from ways of God. God can do and undo. History was made today. 9/11 another special day for the Americans.

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