Photos: See Hillary Clinton Supporters Crying As Donald Trump Fans Jubilate


hillary clinton supporters crying

November 9, 2016 – Pictures: See Hillary Clinton Supporters Crying As Donald Trump Fans Jubilate

America is a divided nation right now as Democrats and Republicans seem to be on different sides of the fence.

While students, immigrants and low-income family members weep at Hillary Clinton Headquarter, supporters of Donald Trump who are mainly whites were seen jubilating at Trump’s campaign headquarter last night.

Donald Trump, an American businessman with no political background has defied all odds to claim the White House for the Republicans.

Though many critics believed Russian bots might have helped him to claim the victory, the major obstacles now is that the United States may not figure this out in the next 10 years.

As it stands now, Trump has seized most battleground states from Clinton and has claimed victory.

Most States where Obama claimed victory years back has landed in the hand of the controversial business mogul who has promised to “Make America Great Again” by banning Muslims and Immigrants from the US.

As it stands, most illegal immigrants in America are left with no option than to start packing their luggages as Trump has vowed to deport them.

See photos of Hillary Clinton Supporters as they weep at Clinton’s Campaign Headquarter last night.

The mood at Donald Trump’s campaign headquarter is different.

Trump supporters whipped up into roaring frenzies of cheers, hugs and chants of ‘lock her up.’

We are now at a point where the whole world is saying RIP to America.

So sad!