Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful: Nigerian Woman Who Runs Harvard University From UK Flat Sued By American Harvard


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Oct 20, 2013 – American Harvard University Sues Nigerian Woman Who Offers Harvard Degree From Her UK Home

Rev Dr. Tina Beloveth Powerful: Nigerian Woman Who Operates Harvard University From England, UK Flat Sued By American Harvard University

The founder of Tina Beloveth Powerful Ministries, Rev Dr Tina who runs an unaccredited Harvard University from a flat in Milton Keynes is currently being sued by American Harvard University for trademark infringement.

The school named Dr Powerful business school also called Havard School of management and Technology was founded in year 2010 by Tina and her husband Emma powerful.

The fake school currently operates from a city center flat in North Third Street in
in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England

Tina Powerful and her husband are currently being investigated by Trading Standards and Thames Valley Police.

The MKTS department recently revealed that the UK Harvard school does not have accreditation for courses it claims to run.

The school claims to offer a number of higher education courses in business, computing, law, management, and Bible Studies and also claims the awarding body for its Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Administrative Management is The Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) but IAM has denied this, saying the school has not been accredited by them. And since it is a privately-run school, it needs to be accredited or it will be in breach of trading standards.

While speaking to the media, Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful said she hasn’t done any wrong,  claiming she’s on a “mission from God to help people study.”

“I have six degrees myself, two of them from Nigeria where I came from. I transformed my life and God has given me power to transform others. We are about to be accredited. We are in the process, making procedures, taking practical steps. Just because they haven’t heard of me today, does not mean they won’t hear of me tomorrow.”

The official website of the school is http://www.havardschooluk.org/

According to sources, Tina Beloveth is not her real name it’s just a popular name she used for business. She is an alleged fraudster who has been doing the business for a very long time.

Below are photos of Dr Tina Beloveth and her school.

A photo from a recent graduation ceremony from the school

As you can see, most students at Tina Beloveth’s Harvard school are clueless Nigerians crazy about getting Harvard University degree at all cost.

Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful’s Photos

Here is the wealthy madam

nigerian woman harvard university from home

Below is a video preview of Tina Powerful and her husband Emma


In another interview video of Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful recorded at Secklow Sounds Radio on March 15th 2012, Tina said she was a bank manager back home in Nigeria. Her former last name is Aghor.


She studied English at the University of Port Harcourt and did her masters in business administration.

On getting to the United Kingdom, she studied law at the University of Buckingham and did her master in law after which she became an international law specialist.

Once police complete their investigation, you will hear more about her in the news.