Drunk Nigerian Soldiers On Beating Spree In Abuja

drunk nigerian soldiers beating

December 25, 2013 – Drunk Nigerian Soldiers Allegedly Beat Unarmed Civilians In Abuja With Horsewhip

Drunk Nigerian Soldiers Went On Beating Spree In Abuja On Christmas Eve

Disaster struck at the popular Mararaba market in Abuja on Tuesday as some suspected drunk Nigerian soldiers descended on unarmed civilians inflicting all sort of injuries on them using horsewhip.

According to an eyewitness, the allegedly drunk soldiers went on rampage, beating anyone in sight at the popular market.

Their plan was to disperse roadside sellers but they ended up beating everyone across their path.

The beating spree we learnt caused serious traffic jam on Abuja-Keffi Road on Tuesday due to the high number of people shopping for the Christmas celebration.

“They (soldiers) beat anyone in sight. They did not even care if you have a baby strapped to your back or not. Is it an offence to make use of a pedestrian bridge as a law abiding citizen? I went to the main market to buy food items for my family with my youngest daughter on my back. It was an ugly scene.” – said an eye witness

“They beat us to the extent that people started falling on themselves. In the process of escaping from their horsewhip, I fell down and hurt my hand. I sustained an injury in the process. But the number of crowd running for safety made me to quickly get up and looked for an escape route. Here I am nursing my injury for no fault of mine. “The soldiers did not even give notice at all. They took everybody by surprise. – said a student

This is gross injustice, why can’t the Federal Government deploy these jobless soldiers to Borno state to battle Boko Haram.

14 thoughts on “Drunk Nigerian Soldiers On Beating Spree In Abuja

  1. These idiots wey dey form soilders make una go Borno go form MAN O WAR ..na for armless civilian body una dey form am…make God punish una there..na so One wan snatch my babe before i give am him level ewu ..FG deploy dis jobless pigs to Borno abeg

  2. a round of applause for dem. Dat is d vision of Jonathan for us nigerians. @least they are working too. Kudos for dem but 2015 shal tel it better. Happy xmas to u all friends !!!

    • @ Desaia .You are a waste sperm. Wetin concern our Honourable President Jonathan with the drunk soldiers action. No be him send them. everything Jonathan

      • Chike, I think you are the wasted sperm here. For you to be so dumb not to realize that your so called “Honorable President Jonathan” is the commander in chief and directly responsible for the actions of those soldiers.
        Lets see if you so called president is smart enough to give out instructions for the soldiers to be fished out and reprimanded.

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