DSS Calls CBN Governor’s Wife Margaret Emefiele’s Kidnap An Embarrassment

cbn governor wife released

October 1st, 2016 – DSS DG Calls CBN Governor’s Wife Margaret Emefiele’s Abduction An Embarrassment 

CBN governor’s wife was abducted alongside three women and a male driver on Thursday on their way to Agbor, Delta State, where she hails from.

Security experts described the abduction of high profile lady, Margaret Emefiele as an embarrassment, noting that something must have gone wrong.

A former director, Department of State Services, Mike Ejiofor, stated that as a politically exposed person, Margaret must have had security operatives attached to her.

He wondered where the personnel were at the time she was abducted, noting that until the details of the incident came to light, it might be hard to know what transpired.

The lawyer urged Nigerians to take their personal security seriously.

Ejiofor said, “I don’t know the circumstances around her abduction, but this is one of the highest profile kidnap cases in recent time.

“How can the wife of the CBN Governor, with all these security challenges be kidnapped? We need the details. Was any security operative attached to her?

“As the wife of the CBN governor, I expect she would need some protection. Until I get the details, I can’t talk much, but I believe something has gone wrong, which is very embarrassing.”

Another security analyst, Ben Okezie, also observed that something must have gone wrong with the security operative(s) around Margaret.

He expressed confidence that the kidnap victim would be rescued and prayed for her safety.

“We pray they did not do anything evil to her. This should signal top people that their security should be guaranteed because they are important to Nigeria,” Okezie said.

8 thoughts on “DSS Calls CBN Governor’s Wife Margaret Emefiele’s Kidnap An Embarrassment

  1. Well, Mr okezie every Nigerian citizen is important to Nigeria, just so you know.

    This is a wake up call to the Nigerian government to figure out how to tackle kidnapping activities in the country.

    Anyways I pray for their safe return though.

  2. Mr okezie every Nigerias are born from a woman been rich non poor. Mind u okezie a good mother we not see her son or daughter been kidnap that won’t be boarder. So be rich non poor we are equal before God. Every life matters to God. I pray God rescue her for her families. Both life are important d rich and d poor.

  3. [email protected] IT REAL AND NOAH! EVERY NIGERIAN IS important. They shoudn’t make some of us feel inferior just because of social status.

    THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD do everything to discourage kidnapping, including being sincere and focusing on policies that would translate to the good of all. Hardship encourages criminality. Nigeria is at 56, but the excitement is lost on account of the deplorable state of the nation. I had known that 1st October was coming, but it was just some two days ago that I remembered that it was also our Independence Day. I bet I am not the only one to whom this happened. On every Independence Day celebration, we here people saying there’s nothing to celebrate. It is so painful that if ever there is development in this country, it is going at the top speed of a snail.

  4. if this can happen to CBN governor wife then security in Nigeria is nothing. I pray for her freedom and those kidnap along with her.

  5. Now lets see how the FG will not wake up from their sleep and come up with a tougher punishment for kidnappers in this country after this.

    I take a stroll…

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