Wife Of Nigerian Doctor Suspended For Sexual Comments In Labrador Canada Speaks


September 30, 2016 – Wife Of Nigerian Doctor Suspended For Sexual Comment In Labrador Canada Blasts Nigerians, Says Husband Was Set Up By Racist Patients

The wife of Dr Owolabi, the Nigerian physician suspended in Labrador few days ago for allegedly asking his patients if they like it big or small (referring to manhood) during Pelvic examination has spoken.

This is what Mrs Funmi Owolabi said about her husband’s case:

It’s a shame that fellow Nigerians are treating your own like this. The system in Western world is at disadvantage for black males. How many black men do you think will say such profanity to white women.

This is obviously a case of bias and prejudice. Panel of white people reaching a decision of harassment or professional misconduct against a black doctor? Which side do you think they will be? They discard the evidences of the doctor and accepted false witnesses of people named by complainant.

No witnesses except for hear-say. Why won’t you add that 2 secretaries were in the room at the time. Any reasonable person in the health line can have idea of the scenario. The doctor was requesting for large speculum. Speculum is inserted for viewing and it comes in sizes- large, medium and small. His own phrase was big one referring to large size. A secretary testified that the statement of him using the big one was directed to her. He was even backing the patient. Patient came out 6-12 months after to report ” sexualized comments”.

They released the statements to make it look sexualized even though no one, not even the secretaries called his attention that this could be perceived as sexualized. Lots of false accusations here. A small town where everyone knows everyone.

What a shame that some people refuse to let go of slavery even in 2016. All blacks in western world have a story of discrimination just like I have mine.
This is story of my husband and I will declare that there are lots of fabricated lies in the accusation. This is hate propangada.

Even when two of these women declared at the hearing that they don’t like him. It’s shocking that no member of the panel asked why.

How many headlines do you see of how blacks are been murdered by white police officers? They let them get away with murder. They work free. This posted here is not a criminal offence in any way, yet this much publicity over what?

Reasonable blacks should be speaking out against discrimination not victimizing your own just like they want it.

Blacks should learn to speak out and not condemn. Shame on us for always trying to cast the first stone.