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20 Fast Ways To Make Money Online & Offline In Nigeria In 2018 & Beyond

easiest ways to make money online nigeria

20 Easiest Ways To Make Money Online & Offline In Nigeria In 2018 & Beyond

When it comes to making money in Nigeria, the first emphasis should be on passion. You must do only what you have passion for lest you break up on the way. When you have passion for what you’re doing, long-term success as well as making money is guaranteed.

One terrific mistake most people do make in Nigeria is that they follow the multitude in doing so many things including business. They don’t follow their passion rather which is simply what can help them become successful in the lifetime journey.

Part of what some people might not know is that something may be good for Mr. A while the same might not be good for Mr. B at all. So, if Mr. A is prosperous in doing something, Mr. B might be failing in the doing the same.

There are so many ways in which you can make money in Nigeria and here are some of these ways:

  1. Blogging: This is a great way to make money in Nigeria though a lot of technicalities are involved. Are you interested in blogging? Do you want to make money from your personal blog working from the comfort of your home? Let me give you this good news today that you can actually make money online with your own blog whether it’s customized or not.

To start making money with a blog in Nigeria, you need to sign up a free account with a blogging platform such as WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr and so many other related platforms online. Once you’ve set up your blog using any of these mentioned blogging platforms, you may start building it out with informative and engaging content. By consistently doing this for like 6-10 months, you should start making money.

  1. Offline Typing: Because of the fact that sites need a lot of quality and informative content to rank well in Google and other major search engines, this has really opened a lot of job opportunities for anyone who is passionate about writing to earn some extra income from typing offline.

To start a typing job right away, simply go to google and search using a related keyword for your searches. You’ll find a lot of freelancing job opportunities that are willing to pay you well for writing for them.

  1. Arts & Designs: Are you really talented in arts and designs, but don’t know what to do to commercialize that talent of yours? Well, don’t hesitate getting a little capital which you will need basically to set up an arts studio to the minimum standard. You’ll make a lot of money from this with time. 
  1. Fashion Designing: This is a job opportunity that only demands your creativity and exposure in the knowledge of designs and fashion making. Once you can satisfy all these requirements and you can dedicate a little time (Say a few months) to learn more, you’ll successfully establish a well-launched fashion design business. 
  1. Tutoring: This could be in form of private or public tutoring such that you’ll have to paste posters or distribute flyers for your tutoring business. You could create a center whereby students will be meeting you for series of organized coaching classes. 
  1. Cassava Processing: Are you passionate about processing cassava purposely to bring out all forms of products which are some of the food items we eat in Nigeria like Fufu, Gaari, and others? If yes, then you’ve been missing out already. This is what has helped a lot of people get their breakthroughs genuinely in Nigeria. 
  • Book Publishing:

If you’re interested in the book publishing business, it really yields great dividends as children cry to their parents at home when they want to collect money to buy books in school. It’s such a promising business but requires some capital though.

To start the book publishing business, you may need to connect to a giant publication company whereby you’ll be producing and reproducing. When it comes to selling, you’ll make profits easily as you’ll be in control of the price at which you’re going to sell. When you have enough money or you’re able to secure a heavy loan from banks, you may consider installing some giant printing machines including the cutting and binding machines.

  • Writing for Publication Companies
  • Several publishing companies periodically need seasoned book authors to write for them. They actually pay royalties to you which is a percentage of the sales price per book. Though some companies would love to buy on outright sale from you, it pays more to go on royalty basis.

To start writing for publication companies, simply go to their websites and submit a proposal to be an author.

  1. Barbing: In addition to other regular jobs you might be doing, opening a barbing salon could be an added source of income for you. To get started, gather some little capital to rent a shop in a strategic location and buy the basically-needed barbing equipment for a start.
  1. Plaiting and Hairdressing: This is practically suitable for women and it’s profitable provided you’re in a nice location. With little capital, you’ll be able to start up and get the basic hairdressing equipment on ground.
  1. Poultry Farming: Are you interested in farming poultry? If yes, this is another promising business and you won’t make any loss provided you properly learn all that you need to know about the system of farming from professionals. 
  1. Crop Farming: As much as this involves planting of crops, you’ll need to get a broad piece of land whereby you’ll be carrying out your farming activities. The bigger and broader the space, the better and more rewarding the business will be. 
  1. Furniture and Interior Decorations: If you’re talented in this area, you have a great potential to make money. It only involves renting a workshop in a strategic location where potential customers can easily find you. It requires little capital. 
  1. Multilevel Marketing: If you haven’t done this before, you can try joining a multilevel marketing company like Neolife, Kedi Health, Forever, and many others. It requires little capital to start making money. 
  1. Fish Farming: Fish farming has a great profit potential like many other profitable businesses out there. Once you’ve succeeded in feeding the fish on time even till harvest, you’re in money. It requires a little capital provided you have a good location to place the pond. 
  1. Petty Trading: If you love selling petty things in the streets, you may consider adding this business to one or more other businesses you’ve been doing so far to increase profitability. 
  1. Phone Repairs: Have you learned how to repair GSM phones very well? Why not commercialize this potential and start making money? Once you can repair faulty phones and take them back to normal, you already have great money making potential. The best way to start is get some basic equipment you will need for repairs as well as rent a shop in a strategic and highly-promising location. 
  1. Coil Repairs: Are you an expert in repairing faulty pumping machines, electric ceiling and standing fans and the like items? Why not get a shop where potential customers can quickly locate you? You’ll make a lot of money from this business. 
  1. Nylon Production: Nylon production, in series, is another promising business though this may require much capital as you would need to install some giant machines which cost hundreds of thousands of Naira. So, if you just wish to venture into this particular business without being able to raise the required capital, then the only option for you is to secure an interest-free loan. 
  1. Bakery: Do you love to start making bread? If yes, then try and make it different from what people have been used to. Try and produce more quality bread than what people have always bought elsewhere. You’ll win a lot of customers and you’ll make money. It also requires a little capital.
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