Economic Sabotage: Nigerian Oil Billionaires Lock Up Petrol Stations In Anticipation Of Fuel Price Hike

October 1st, 2016 – Economic Sabotage: Selfish Nigerian Oil Billionaires & Marketers Shut Down Petrol Stations In Anambra State In Anticipation Of Fuel Price Hike By FG

By Ononye VC

Nigerians particularly owners of filling stations are not helping matters in the present economic recession as they today refused to sell petroleum products and locked their filling stations across Anambra State in alleged anticipation of fuel price hike by the federal government.

The situation suddenly ignited further hardship in the area as commuters and other road users were stranded while filling stations operators who stockpiled petroleum products indulged in black market.

Until president Buhari begins to take drastic measures by setting example with such economic saboteurs, Nigeria will continue to suffer hardship and manipulation of commodity prizes by those who have hijacked the economy.

The much talked about sale of assets will boomerang against the federal Government as it has done in NEPA and other government agencies.

It is unbelievable that as a result of economic sabotage, Buhari of all people has not been able to move the economy around for the better such that the Naira is heading towards N500 per Dollar.

Drastic action is what the people take seriously from government and as soon as it is done, everybody will seat up.

Pictured above is one of the Petrol stations under lock yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Economic Sabotage: Nigerian Oil Billionaires Lock Up Petrol Stations In Anticipation Of Fuel Price Hike

  1. The APC Govt is too weak to perform hence all this sort of rubbish. Instead of fighting corruption as they proclaims, they are busy fighting their oppositions especially the PDP Party. Its a shame.

    There‘s confusion in the camp so much that even the apc National leader, Mr. Bola Tinubu is now having a fiasco with the president himself that he threatend to show buhari and co, the meaning of “Asiwaju“.
    How can a divided house stand? Let alone fight corruption?

    I take a stroll…

  2. may God have mercy and return the to how it use to be for us. those that want change have seen the change they wanted. I could remember that pmb promise to reduce fuel prices to 50

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