Edo State’s Teacher Can’t Read Her Age Declaration Affidavit After 20 Years Of Teaching

edo state primary teacher unable to read

August 14, 2013 – Edo State’s Primary School Teacher Unable To Read Age Declaration Affidavit After 20 Years Of Teaching

Mrs Augusta Odemwingie, a primary school teacher in Edo state got more than what she bargained for after Governor Adams Oshiomhole caught her unable to read her own age declaration affidavit.

She was among the few teachers who were told to read an age declaration affidavit yesterday and to everyone’s surprise, she stuttered non stop until Adams Oshiomhole came to her rescue.

When asked to repeat a sentence she just read, she asked “make I start am again” in pidgin English.

The Governor and witnesses were stunned yesterday for Mrs Augustia Odenwingie’s low intellect after teaching for over 20 years at Asalogun Primary School in Ikpoba Okha LGA of Edo state.

She was among thousands of teachers caught in age falsification fraud in the state.

Watch the video below


16 thoughts on “Edo State’s Teacher Can’t Read Her Age Declaration Affidavit After 20 Years Of Teaching

  1. =)) =)) =)) laffº°˚ ˚°º≈wanº°˚ ˚°º≈tearº°˚ ˚°º≈myº°˚ ˚°º≈belleº°˚ ˚°º≈=)) =)) =))

  2. So partetic! Feel so sorry 4 d past graduates of DAT ‘CHEATER’…Coz she’s not a teacher rather d 1st one. I thought is only up here Ind north

  3. Haaaaaaaa….,nawa o!!! “Teacher”,ao xhe tak gain enteranc into teaching?? Weytn xhe dey teach her xtudentx??
    Edo xtate govt,abeg dx woman no dey entitle to any benefit wen leavin office o…

  4. Is dat d spelling of pathetic? ‘partetic’ rili? Yet u r calling d woman a cheater,who is fooling who? Anyways,d woman should pack her bags,and go home

  5. Mr ‘partetic’ (pathetic) you must have graduated from that primary school and this teacher taught you. See what BBM has turned you to.

  6. LWKMD…………..
    I can’t shout, abegi eeeeeee; lolz
    But come to think of it, all teachers need some good screening, and one would be amazed at the results after the exercise!
    This also applies to the much accredited private schools.
    My son was asked to write words with “oa” in them, he wrote ‘oat’, his teacher marked him wrong and corrected it to ‘boat’. Another word he gave was “boa”, this same teacher marked it wrong and gave the same ‘boat’ as a correction. I was really angry and went to report to the Headmistress. This is actually the biggest school in a very popular estate.

    @ Parents: you’ve got a big role to play towards your child/ward’s academic success!

    • sometime I say that is good for nigerians because qualified teachers are out there looking for job,BUT they will never get it,why? because they don’t have long leg.,we nigerians will not know the implication yet.

  7. Haba! Naija and runs.someone must have squeezed her into teaching job without any qualifications and at the end of the month she wil b the first to ask if salary have been paid.you are a complete olodo!after so many years even without qualifications outh to have picked by now. i pity those children that passed thru your class.shame shame shame Ssshhhhhaaaammme

  8. Oshiomole wen non go skl still dey test person mtcheeew, oshiomole wen non get result, the teacher was nervous that’s why, and the stupid oshiomole is not worthy to ask teacher any question bcoz he even self non go skl, the teacher was nervous, simple as A B C D

  9. i do not blame her at all. How many so called graduate of today can read it too? very few!in those days village teachers usually teach with local dialects. and there’s no means for them to upgrade themselves. their meagre salary cannot even take care of their families less to talk of going back to school. this woman started teaching during the period when no one wanted to have anything do with teaching. everyone was after business and farming. some after quick means of making it. if not for people like her some doctors, lawyers, ministers wouldnt be where they are today. at least she was teaching in her own way,what about those GHOST WORKERS, they have the right qualifications but are no where to be found and their salaries goes into their bank accounts month after month. i dont blame her, wht the government is doing now should have been done years back. pay teachers good money to make their life better, abeg


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