EFCC Says Fayose’s Associates Hiding At Ekiti State Governor’s Lodge To Escape Arrest

June 23, 2016 – EFCC Says Fayose’s Associates Hiding At Govt Lodge To Escape Arrest…How Zenith Bank Reported N4.745Billion In Fayose’s Associate Account To NFIU

EFCC Operatives were yesterday in Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital, to arrest some suspects in the N4.7billion arms cash probe.

But the EFCC)men found nobody. Their targets were said to have gone into hiding in the palatial Oke Ayoba Government House.

“They are all holed up in the place but they can’t hide forever,” an EFCC source said last night.

But Fayose threatened to name others involved in the transfer of money into his account “if they cannot stand by what they did because of the threat from the EFCC.

He accused Zenith Bank of succumbing to intimidation. But, according to a source, the bank reported the “suspicious transactions” of N4.745billion by Fayose’s associate, Abiodun Agbele, to the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU).

An EFCC source, who pleaded not to be named, said Zenith Bank reported the N1.219billion suspicious transactions by Musiliu Obanikoro and Agbele to the NFIU.

“We have been on this case for a while. From the facts available, Zenith Bank reported the transactions to NFIU,” the source added.

“We have intelligence report that some of these people wanted in connection with the ongoing investigation have been moved to the Government House in Ado-Ekiti.”

On the reaction of Fayose to the EFCC fact-sheet, the source said: “We have nothing to react to at all because we have put the incontrovertible facts in the public domain.

“Let Fayose go and defend himself. We will not take up issues with him any longer. And having shifted his defence to Zenith Bank, it is the duty of the media to hear from the bank.”

The EFCC has traced about N4.75 billion of the diverted $2.1 billion arms cash to Fayose and former Minister of State (Defence) Musiliu Obanikoro. Fayose accused his bankers of succumbing to what he called “EFCC intimidation” in a bid to nail him (Fayose).

[The Nation]

12 thoughts on “EFCC Says Fayose’s Associates Hiding At Ekiti State Governor’s Lodge To Escape Arrest

  1. buhari is selective in his fight against corruption,his more serious to those dat r opposing his government,but he forget dat without opposition there wil be no development.america is at it level now bcus of strong opposition.

    • @buzu-k What is selective about this, i know there will be some who will come here and support this evil man, so in your judgment it is ok to cart away all the monies meant of fight terrorism and make Nigeria stable for development. You refer to America;in US are the opposition governors and state officials taking monies meant for national security and stashing it away in their personal bank accounts both in US and foreign countries? you are comparing apple to oranges. what a twisted mentality !. All looters of national treasury no matter who will be hunted down by all means; they have sold the future of Nigeria. i cannot see how any right thinking person will side with this man and justify it. its just absurd

    • What are you people even talking about for Pete sake? The question is not whether EFCC is selective but are these people guilty of the offences being investigated? Are you people “defender of PDP and haters of Buhari” happy with the way the nation’s treasury was shared among a select few? Why are you people refusing to see the facts but instead focus on this watery defense that it’s a selective witch hunting?? I feel very sad each time I read comments like this and it really confirms the saying that a nation deserves the leader it gets!! How sad!!!!

  2. Wow self imposed detention! let them stay there as long as they want. they will be caught somehow. Effc should employ technology to locate them and then get court order to go in and arrest the suspects. They can run but can hide!

  3. May those hiding inGovernment House to escape arrest work hard to add lean-to to the existing structures there and thus create a satellite town which is self sufficient to cater for all their needs. Otherwise, when they need other creature comforts or medical care they will be forced to leave their hiding place to places where no immunity covers them and will be arrested. It is just a matter of time.

  4. Sola Olaniyi, i think you are a ****for saying Fayose days are numbered in the Government house,i dont know why yorubas are eaters of themselves and always prefers to be followers of the Hausas, if this is happening to an Hausa man and a Yoruba man is a commander in chief, you will never hear an hausa fellow condemning his fellow brother. YORUBAS ARE EATERS OF THEMSELVES.

    • @Uncle K the matters affecting Nigerians now is beyond tribal. This is not a Matter of Hausa, Ibo or Yoruba. We are in dire situation where we need to safe this Country from extinction because corruption has already collapsed this Nation. You need to think out of the box and agree that this fight is your fight and your descendants. Are you happy about how this Country is struggling with its economy?. Again, when this investigation first started, it began with Dasuki. Dasuki is an Hausa man before it rolls down to Fayose. Please stop defending indefensible.

  5. Well I will have to say in a country full of primitive graduates how will Zenith bank not tell the EFCC???When the money came in they never informed the EFCC Why now??? I use to learn this in government respect a sitting power this governor is gonna be like Amechi Of PH and Goodluck.at the end he will be appointed something. Well the EFCC are political Thugs and should be cancelled. That is no sector we know how many hotels the middle members of the EFCC have in Abuja and the manager of the Zenith bank should be arrested cos he was informed of the money transferred into that bank at that point in time and also the airport boss who allowed such money to be brought in through his airport and the custom boss at the airport all this persons should be arrested cos there’s always a proper check before planes fly and lands so let this Buhari work and build good government for Nigeria …His an Ex military personal well his nothing cos he should look and see the barracks all dead even the police barrack we should pls check on points to develop and stop fighting lost and dead battles .The bank itself should be close down that shows that banks has been used for illegal transfers and are looking for government favor that was why they picked this poor governor to take on.

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