41 Nigerian Men Deported From The US….Australia & Italy To Deport 50 Nigerians Today

41 nigerian men deported us

June 23, 2016 – America Deports 41 Nigerian Men ….Australia & Italy Set To Deport 50 Nigerians Today

At least 41 Nigerians were brought home from the US yesterday.

The male deportees arrived MMIA airport around 1:20pm yesterday.

According to NIS, 26 were deported over criminal offences while 9 were repatriated over drug smuggling, the six others were deported for violating US immigration rules.

A source at the Nigeria Immigration Service said 50 other Nigerian deportees are set to arrive Lagos from Australia and Italy today by noon.

17 thoughts on “41 Nigerian Men Deported From The US….Australia & Italy To Deport 50 Nigerians Today

  1. Our leaders have no shame, otherwise this kind of news would make them all cover their faces. A man who finds solace in another man’s house because his own house is not comfortable has nothing to be proud of. Yet our leaders make boasts when they travel out to receive just medicare.

    I dare say that oil is the bane of this nation. Wasn’t Nigeria doing great prior to its discovery? Wasn’t the Naira stronger than the dollar? Even up to 1985, the dollar was nowhere near the naira. The naira was the direct equivalent of Pound Sterling. To have a Nigerian in your country was interpreted as a blessing until lack of vision by our leaders drove our nation into the pit of corruption. Now every youth you engage in a chat tells you about his dreams to travel out. To do what? When shall all this be over?

    • @Metu you were born with a great wisdom..
      I so much love this comment and it’s 100% true.
      Keep firing son!

    • I have been reading your comments for a while now and i must admit you are blessed. to further the point of our country, the other day it was in the news that a whole president of Nigeria had to travel out to seek medical attention for common ear infection. overseas this kind of infection is cured at a common pharmacy.I just wonder why we cant build our own country instead and invest in programs and education and jobs. It makes me wonder.

  2. chai sorry for the deport,and welcome home,but next time dont practice criminal offence,drug smuggling,illegal bussiness in a civilized and well secured country like US and australia.behave urself when ever u get out of dis hell called naija.everywhere is not nigeria.

  3. What has the government got to do with this? These guys cant respect themselves even in another mans land. They can’t just deport them like that, according to NIS most of them are deported as a result of their criminal related offences and their involvement in hard drugs. Why nigeria citizens only? Don’t we have Ghanians and other African countries over there? This one of the reason this nation refuse to move forward; criminals everywhere, even when the government want to prosecute them, nigerians will be shouting witch hunting! I sorry for nigeria! According to Femi Kuti’ s song.

  4. A leaking pot will continue to leak anywhere. Their deportation will only add to the existing problems we have in the country bcos they are prone to continue with what they know how to do best, CRIME thats “IF“ all the allegations are true.

    You know if you want to kill a dog, you‘ll give it a bad name. I suspect that, the rest of the World is presently not happy with Nigeria especially bcos of this move by our fulani herdsMAN in power to close border and ban the importations of goods. A business that had been existing that all the mother countries have ever been enjoying long before even the APC fake party was formed.

    This could trigger this kind of motive. My thoughts though!

    I take a stroll…

  5. oju kotie tiyinni. ni. south Africa nibi igbo tick cokay ni wontuta
    wonti ba oruko Nigeria jeooooo

  6. oju kotie tiyinni ni south Africa drug lenta gbogbagbaye ogun oloro titani. etiba oruko Nigeria jeooooo
    olorun yobayin jeooooo

  7. if you want to live abroad. the first thing to do is to get your papers. anything else comes last. if you don’t have your papers trust me they will use you as scapegoat. most guy go there and just blend into the good life till times catches up with them . open your frog eyes and welcome home. may god give you guys the strength.

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