EFCC Seizes $50,000 Recovered From Ikoyi Lagos, Moves It To CBN

money seized ikoyi lagos

April 14, 2017 – $50,000 Recovered From Ikoyi Lagos Home Seized, Moved To CBN As EFCC Tries To Find Owner 

After obtaining a court order to temporarily seize the huge amount of cash recovered from an apartment in Ikoyi Lagos on Wednesday, the EFCC has moved the money to the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Three suspected owners of the loot have denied ownership of it, hence the temporary seizure.

The EFCC is also planning to review the CCTV of Osborne tower to find the identity of the person who took the money into the apartment located in Ikoyi Lagos.

8 thoughts on “EFCC Seizes $50,000 Recovered From Ikoyi Lagos, Moves It To CBN

  1. EFCC ain’t see nothing yet….lots of looted funds use to built luxury and empty houses/apartment all over the country former and present capital cities. When they start raiding these unrented properties then “we just start

  2. Since no one agreed he or she is the owner of the money, well bring it to me, just give me one million dollars and take the remaining one to the orphanage im a kind hearted gentle person

  3. I just wish sensible Nigerians can step up and stone to death any politician found guilty of corruption then Nigeria will be great again.

  4. Its a shame corruption has become our common tradition, our culture, our way of life. our corrupt politicians have spoil the image of our country making it descend so low to the point that looted money is now been littered everywhere with no one coming forward to claim responsibility. This is the reason why they hate to see Magu continuing in that office as the acting chairman of the EFCC. But the president has done far too well in bypassing this thieves to keep this man in office. One more thing to perfect the president’s job is,jailing however is found guilty of corruption. Without this, there is absolutely no way we can end corruption in our country.

  5. This money could have been used to create about ten production companies, that will have created more than 10,000 job opportunities,God will touch their hearts to stop looting our nation and instead start developing our great nation Nigeria

  6. Why every body is denying the money, i urge you guys to do me a favour, kindly tranfer some cash to my account so that i will assist the less privilage home… i am very much serious about,the lord will bless you if you do so… 0017421060 Diamondbank….

    Thanks in advanced.

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