Gender Based NGO Takes Up Case Of Female FRSC Officers Humiliated By Their Oga On Top

frsc official cutting women hair with scissors

April 13, 2017 – Abuja NGO Takes Up Case Of FRSC Women Humiliated By Their Oga On Top

FAME Foundation, a gender biased NGO for women empowerment in Abuja yesterday called on the FG to prosecute the Rivers state sector commander, Andrew A. Ikumapayi for the abuse of his office and harassment of women officers.

The image which was shared on the FRSC Rivers state sector Facebook page indicated that the Rivers state Sector commander, Andrew A Kumapayi picked up scissors to cut off the women’s hair, publicly.

“The sector commander RS6.1, Rivers CC Andrew A Kumapayi conducting a general (hair, uniform and fingernails) inspection on the staff of RS6HQ, Port-Harcourt and RS6.1, Rivers during the parade on Monday 10th April 2017,” the facebook caption reads with pictures.

Speaking via a press release, Founder of the NGO, Aderonke Bello, tells the government to act upon this as soon as possible because failure to do so will encourage the harassment of women officers in the nation.

“Mr Ikumapayi must be penalised for abusing his office and also for harassing women officers’ right in public, this is not allowed, he carried this act out because they are women and also his subordinate, we condemn this act totally.

“The government must investigate this matter as quickly as possible and bring him to justice, he must be penalised by all means within the rule of law, if he escapes, others will follow and continue harassing women officers who are diligently serving their nation,” she concludes.

5 thoughts on “Gender Based NGO Takes Up Case Of Female FRSC Officers Humiliated By Their Oga On Top

  1. First the law and come back to comment. sentiment will not take us anyway though the man failed to apply the rule the way it is stated

  2. IT COULD be that as a paramilitary organization, an officer in her uniform should not wear that kind of hair. But that doesn’t warrant this public humiliation and shame.

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