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EFCC Seizes Diezani’s 5 Houses Worth Over N3Billion In Port Harcourt Rivers State

September 13, 2016 – EFCC Seizes Diezani 5 Mansions Worth Over N3Billion In Port Harcourt Rivers State

EFCC Detectives have been deployed in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, in the ongoing probe of former Minister of Petroleum Resources Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke.

Of interest are five choice houses believed to be Mrs. Alison-Madueke’s.

It is all part of the last leg of the investigation of the ex-minister in collaboration with the National Crime Agency in the United Kingdom.

Amid the Port Harcourt operation, another asset of the ex-Minister in Abuja, allegedly worth over N500million,   has been confiscated pending her trial.

The EFCC received intelligence report on the property allegedly acquired by Mrs. Alison-Madueke in Port Harcourt.

The tracking of the assets is said to be part of the probe of about $10billion allegedly looted in cash and assets by some former public officers.

The properties under surveillance in Port Harcourt are said to be worth over N3billion



  1. Omokehinde

    September 13, 2016 at 1:27 AM

    Another legacy of the dumbest, most corrupt, and most low IQ president in Nigerian history. What else can anyone expect from a criminal, low mentality zoologist that accidentally stumped to power by Obasanjo political manupulatiion and by accident? Some Wicked Nigerian people that cannot reason above their tribes, religion differences, and personal hatred for PMB are now blaming him for the looting, embezzlement, and massive corruption that characterized Jonathan administration that led to our current financial situation, poverty, and hardship. Before PMB was sworn in, about 32 states of the federation were unable to pay salaries of their workers because were already in seroius recession because of sudden and sharp drop in oil revenues, thereby, causing sharp reduction in monthly allocations to various states. What about the missing $ 20 billions dollars from the NNPC account? What about the military funds of $3 billions to purchase ammo. and equipment to defeat BK terrorists? That money was embezzled and looted by criminal Jonathan, his barbaric wife, and many of their wicked associates. Jonathan realized far money from oil revenue when it was sold for $ 150 per barrel for five years of his disastrous years as Nigerian President, but instead of saving for the raining days, those bastards and vagabonds mismanaged and bankrupt Nigerian economy and empty our foreign reverse. He handed over an empty treasure to president Buhari and vice president Osinbajo on May28,2015. Only an ignorant or uneducated or wicked person will blame PMB admistration for our current economy recession and hardship. The Bible says, ” What can a righteous man do if the foundation is faulty.” Nigerian need to go back to agriculture in small and large scale to Suttle through our current recession. Nigeria would have been completely destroyed if those crooks, looters, and criminals had their way in the last presidential election. God will surely judge those that created Nigerian current economy hardship, poverty, insecurity, and recession.Some know the truth, but because of wickedness and hatred, they will always twist facts to favor their guy even if he is a criminal. What a lawless nation!

    • Metu Nyetu

      September 13, 2016 at 10:36 AM

      @OMOKEHINDE, YOU MAY be correct to say that GEJ is very corrupt, maybe the most corrupt democratically elected president in Nigeria’s history. Maybe. But about the dumbest, PMB more aptly fits that description. Believe me when I say that if GEJ had excelled after the 2015 polls, he would have managed this critical situation far better than PMB. It’s all a matter of the kind of highly seasoned individuals that he would appoint in his cabinet. Somebody like Mrs Okonjo Iweala would not be there and a sitting president would commit that fiscal blunder of fully implementing the TSA all at once. This singular move is about the direct cause of this recession.

      LET US DO away with politically slanted views here. GEJ messed up, but Buhari came and worsened it, and gave it an effect it wouldn’t have had. Just look at the kind of people that are in his cabinet. After the long months it took him before he appointed his ministers, everybody thought that he was sniffing for the best, yet his minister of finance could not advice him on the wisdom in the gradual implementation of the TSA. He only came with a vindictive mind to abolish everything that is PDP—good or bad—to implement his own.

      GEJ was corrupt, true. Sometimes I get crazy when I think about it. But he is far far far far wiser than this angry man at Aso Rock today. Nigeria, I hope, will survive these times. But with somebody like Buhari, it’s going to be very tough. There are at least three ways to get past a wall: you could break it down, which takes more time and resources; you could scale it, which makes you run the risk of a fall; lastly, you could just go around it. This is the smartest and the most cost efficient. Buhari’s policies are about breaking down the walls. A man like GEJ would have simply gone around it and continued on his journey.

  2. Samson, Dallas, Texas

    September 13, 2016 at 3:21 AM

    Omokehinde, God bless you for this beautiful piece. Its really sad that most hungry and frustrated people of Nigeria forgot the evil Jonathan’s administrated did and they now vex their poverty frustration on innocent Buhari’s administration. May God help Nigeria.

  3. Endure

    September 13, 2016 at 5:00 AM

    OPINION article
    No doubt, Anti Corruption War has been given the utmost priority by the current administration which deserved our commendation and applause.

    the EFCC has been carrying out good job performances in their dealings with corrupt officials but still to an extent. Their is still a very serious loophole in the dispensation of justice by the EFCC in bringing corrupt officials to stand trial.

    Quite a lot of hard work still need to be done by the organisation with the help of the federal government,otherwise our Anti Graft Agency the “EFCC” may become a laughing stock not just to nigerians but to the international community by their way of treating the cases of corrupt individuals and lack of ability to bring any culprit to book.

    It is a known fact that The EFCC has not been able to bring any high ranking corrupt official to justice. If such trend of injustice continue,then the war against corruption in our country Nigeria will not achieve it desired objective.

    Obviously,due to this weakness on the part of the EFCC to proffer justice to the enemies of our beloved nation,many money launderers have being able to sneak their way out of trial or had their cases unnecessary pending in the court. Such inconclusive cases of corrupt officials in the court usually left negative impressions that financial crime in the country is a venture or a risk worth taking.

    The toleration of delayed tactise by our lawyers in handling the cases of suspected money launderers need to be tackled by the federal Government. Administering justice to any financial looters in the country need not be delayed at a time when the Government is scrambling to fix the economy.

    Administration of criminal justice act 2015 gives power to the EFCC which also help in the expedition of bringing suspected money launderers to justice. It stated clearly that corrupt individual has to“appear in the court day by day for hearing”so as to hasten the conclusion of such cases related to financial crime thereby making the individual stand trial.

    Since such reform was made in 2015 that permit the court to accelerate the cases of suspected money launderers in the country, I will personally advice the current administration to not allow some greedy and corrupt lawyers to frustrate the reform introduced by the law regarding how corrupt individual’s cases is to be handled in the court.

    If the current administration is to successfully fight against corruption and restore power to the EFCC,the judicial system in our country nigeria [MUST] change. Corruption in judiciary can cause enormous damage and pervasiveness in cases of persons suspected of looting highly essential funds in the country that are meant for building the poor economy and improving the standard of living among the citizens in the country. Corruption in the judiciary is a destructive weapon that can harm the recovery of our economy,deplete the quality of good governance,delay national development and make the fight against corruption impossible.

    There is absolutely no way to make gains in the war against corruption in our society when the judiciary is seen as being distance from the crusade. No doubt this will have negative impact in all sectors of society.

    The current administration must ensure the judiciary fight delay cases in the court. The judiciary itself has to fight corruption within its own ranks. Our defence lawyers in the courts must change their attitudes toward corrupt criminals. we are to make collective effort in the country in our fight against corruption.

    Furthermore,in order for us to see quality result in the performance of the EFCC,I will also suggest the federal Government establish a new court that will strictly be meant for treating the cases of those involved in embezzling and stealing from the nation’s accounts. This will also help in expediting in the trial of anyone indicted of looting public funds. This no doubt will go a long way in curtailing or curbing deliberate manipulation
    Of the criminal justice system we now see in the courts today.

    Their is a need for the federal government to rise up against corruption today. The looted funds by the corrupt individuals in the public offices would have had positive impacts in the lives of suffering Nigerians and strengthen our economy if it were not touched. And that is why corruption must be fought vigorously in all levels of the government so that sanity can be restore to public offices.

    • huchennar

      September 13, 2016 at 12:24 PM

      @endure you made the most reasonable comment on the issue on ground without insults… your fact are reasonably brought down.. more grease to your elbow and more knowledge to your head…

  4. fifelomo

    September 13, 2016 at 5:46 AM

    @omokehinde ko soro! You have said it all.

  5. Nnadi Ukonu Vitus

    September 13, 2016 at 10:26 AM

    The problem with Nigeria is sectionisation,we all see the truth and tend to follow the opposite because of the part of the country we are from. The truth must be told,GEJ was the worst president Nigeria had ever had,the current turmoil which the country is in now is absolutely what the last govt left. Note that Nigeria was almost near recession before PMB took up the mantle of leadership. They looted and milked this country dried. Buhari,is now at the receiving end and I know and am very optimistic that God surely shall appearin our Nation’s case and better days will be here again.

  6. Endure

    September 13, 2016 at 12:09 PM

    Please oooo naijagists what I sent was not a comment but rather an article. Help make it an article pls. I’ve also sent it through your email address.

  7. betty

    September 13, 2016 at 12:15 PM

    Efcc still on deizani case u people no what to do to this woman seize all her property nd jail her y prolonging her case

  8. huchennar

    September 13, 2016 at 12:19 PM

    see this @omokehinde oo na a whole PHD holder you call common zoologist lol ????…. all the same everyone involved in making Nigeria as downgraded as it is now should dance to the tune…i still see many more to be probed even some under the present government…
    I love the fact that our men (EFCC) are not taking their jobs lightly

    #clueless human

  9. buzu-k

    September 13, 2016 at 12:33 PM

    @omokehinde u like buhari well well o,u even call buhari innocent lolz what made him innocent? omokehinde jst cool down,na when buhari go leave office u will start to hear his own story kwa.

  10. Endure

    September 13, 2016 at 9:35 PM

    It is actually bemused to see how one-sided some have chosen to rate the current administration against the previous one. @omokenhide your deep seated hatred for the past administration has completely erode or cloud out your view about the glaring fault and lack of competence of the current administration. I don’t think the nigerians need any preaching or sermon about how corrupt the past administration was. Why?because the frustrated overwhelming population of the country are the same ones that voted the PDP led government out of power. So in effect,they already knew something was seriously wrong with the past administration.

    The unequivocal truth that will stand and continue to remain is that,Buhari economic reform has further dealt a big blow to the already crippling economy. He is the one that has made the dumbest economic reform I have ever seen in my entire life.

    Certainly,no one is lending support or throwing any weight behind the unscrupulous and criminal act committed by the criminal PDP administration for the past 16 years of failure,embezzlement of public funds,misappropriation,mismanagement and misrule.

    But what marked the first current administration policy was the sharp increment in oil price from N97 to N145 for compensation of total zero account left behind by the corrupt PDP government led by Jonathan at the same time to also compensate for sharp drop of crud oil prices in the international market of about $38 from $150.

    This was the same increment in fuel prices Jonathan administration tried to embarked on,but was met with stiff opposition from APC party. Therefore little wondered that the same APC that heavily criticized the increment in fuel price move by the past administration is now the one that has done the worse by increasing the pump price in petroleum product to an unbearable amount with a negative effect on the masses.

    The increment in local oil prices by the present government is ultimately at the detriment of the poor masses in the country. It has seriously affected the socio-economic situation in the country where every chain of commerce depends thereby leading to an increment in prices of goods and local commodities in the market. The prices of many commodities have tripled in the markets leaving many families without the ability to fend for their loved ones in the country.

    The failed policy of naira devaluation by the administration has also added to the woe and cry of the nigerians. The inexperienced economic team and financial analysts working with and accepted by the current administration has further caused a total meltdown of our economy.

    So rather than engaging in endless opprobrium of the past government,we should rather make commentary that will suggest the best way forward for the current administration and stop considering the current administration as a saint without any spot and blemish or blame.

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