El Rufai’s Son Dead: Hamza Killed In Car Accident In Abuja

el rufai son car accident

July 29, 2014 – El Rufai’s Son Dead: Hamza Killed In Car Accident In Abuja

Former FCT minister, Mallam Nair El-Rufai is bereaved.

The politician just lost his son to an untimely death this morning.

According to sources from Abuja, 23-year-old Hamza was coming from a night club around 5:25am in the morning when his black Lexus car rammed into a Volkswagen car.
el rufai son killed accident

The car crash that happened around Ningi Barrack this morning claimed the life of Hamza.

According to FRSC officials, his parents have removed his corpse and transferred it to Abuja national mosque.

The vehicles involved in the collision have been taken to Maitama Police station for investigation.

Late Hamza’s father Mallam El Rufai also took to his Twitter page this morning to break the news of the death of his son.

“From Allah we came and to Him we shall return. Please join our family in praying for the repose of the soul of my son Hamza El-Rufai who died this morning in a motor accident in Abuja,” El-Rufai wrote on Twitter.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

20 thoughts on “El Rufai’s Son Dead: Hamza Killed In Car Accident In Abuja

  1. You guys should be praying for the driver of the driver of the other car whom am sure is getting the royal treatment in some jail courtesy of naija finest npf or killed in this accident and not mentioned at all, atunwa e

  2. RIP young man!!But i think El Rufail need to sit down and take stock, i am aware he has lost many pple in his immediate family of late – a Daughter Brother Nephew and Son again. I think El Rufai need to drop politics a bit and be prayerful and serious with dis issue of death in his family. For a father to be d first person to always go on social media to announce death of a junior brother, daughter nephew or son does not show seriousness on his part. Social media is good but for his age class and past positions in Naija, he need to be mature about it. Not 2u long Pst Tunde Bakare in his normal way digress and jokingly mention how El Rufai is so engross in social media thing dat every little thing is on tweter

    • Its nemesis and catch,not nameses and cash….And No,its due to God Wish,he giveth and Taketh.funny!

    • Ha hunters so if people died in person family most he has hand in boko haram? Haba so do u know who will die next in ** or how or when or whrere the person will died infact *****the nest person to die in ****** but u dnt know pls stop dis mockery is nt good.

  3. Considering d death toll in ur family, pls let‘s face d 2rut, tell US Nigerians, ar u completely exernora8ed n innocent of any involvemnt in boko harams affair affectin d con3?

  4. Nigerians and the way they think!Always relating one event to another…so I guess people like Falaye,Ladoja and the rest all lost their kids too due to nemesis.shior.

  5. Even there have been countless cases of average innocent nigerians who lost their beloved ones This things happen everyday..its a simple common sense.

  6. The way some People think is always very funny. So only those who do bad lose their beloved one and Being Good guarantees U freedom from that?

  7. bross El-Rufai this one wey your son wear jeans and T-shirt and face cap wey him loook like 50cent so.. u shur say no be club him go shark corect monkey tail and shepke go get acedent?? the guy look like niggar oooo! him girls friends go don cry tire.. no free money for them again.. may his soul rest in peace.

  8. Hahahahaahaha…..na only him waka go de night club.nd na him donn go kill himself…. So him don waka go hell fire dia riss God ooo… Well mek him go see de oda side of lyf sha! I pity him iwerike[babe] cos go don cry die! No me free owo!

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