Emeka Ike:” My Mother Sold Akara (Beans Cake) To Raise Me; I’m A Millionaire Today”

emeka ike mother sold akara

March 6, 2013 – Emeka Ike:” My Mother Sold Beans Cake (Akara) To Train Me; I’m A Millionaire Today”

Nigerian actor Emeka Ike in this latest interview On V-Channel revealed the never before told story of his life.

The Nollywood bad boy said his mother sold Akara (beans cake) to raise him. He further said you can become a millionaire by selling beans cake.

The self-professed millionaire said he is where he’s today by the dedication of his poor mother who spent all she has to raise her children among other issues.

Interview excerpt below:

“Some people think that I am a trouble maker. They think I am a bad boy in the movie industry. But that is not who I am. I hate injustice and I fight for the oppressed whenever I can.

I will give you an illustration. “One day, I was passing by Oshodi bridge when I saw a physically challenged person struggling with a policeman. I had to pull over immediately and confront the policeman, though he was armed. I succeeded in stopping the fight. This is the kind of thing I do.

I believe in hard work. I don’t date rich women for money. I believe that you can become a millionaire by selling akara. My mother sold akara to train me and I am a millionaire today.

We should be making more films in Igbo, Yoruba, Itsekiri, Efik and other Nigerian languages. I don’t like it when we speak English all the time and try to imitate the American accent.” Say Emeka Ike.

What a lovely mother!

17 thoughts on “Emeka Ike:” My Mother Sold Akara (Beans Cake) To Raise Me; I’m A Millionaire Today”

    • Most at times, truly I don’t know how our people reason, why asking what he has done for his mother ? for him to say it proudly, is it not more than enough for any reasonable human to know that he does not joke with his mother and if he does not, its for him and God to settle the score.
      Lets be reasonable and think with the rightful side of our brain some times.
      I don’t want to go beyond this, God bless all those that reason well with out sentiments and help those that does not reason well to start to reason well with out been biased.

    • You are very right my dear Freedom, how i wish all Nigerians will reason like you,IDOWU,…from yrs statement u look very greedy and ungrateful, unfaithful and selfish,…. remember that’s his mother he was talking about,.from his stories he has done more than enough,..what of u did buy Private jet for ur mum “? u are a family destroyer

  1. Am nt surprise the owute still dey show 4 ur face till date, thank God 4 ur life. suffer no good oh, bt make u stil try beef up the owu make e no 2 dey show again, I done dey talk am since, u re unlike the others with fresh faces. ur own always get comma if i talk am my friend go say na nature, thanks God u have said it all.

  2. bros ar u proud of igbo land?hw many igbo guys av u attach to ur industry?hw many times av u travel round d igbo states in search of talented youth?do u no dat God made u a millioner today for u to help odas,we need igbo movie industry,all d igbo celebrities is nt helpin igbo youths at all

  3. It is d joy of every mother seeing his son sucessful in life emeka ike your mum will be really proud of you knowing that all her peti peti akara beans cake bussiness has really helped you to some extent in life

  4. Well he just start like a joke but now god has made his dream comes through.what he is trying to say is that whatever you are doing put it effort you will make!!!!

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