Emeka Ike: My Wife Has Finally Abandoned Her Children, She Says She’s Not Coming Back

emeka ike wife abandon children

Sept 12, 2015 – Emeka Ike’s Wife Suzanne Rejects Reconciliation Offer, Insists On Divorce, Actor Says Children Missing Her

My Wife Says She’s Not Coming Back, I Told Her Children Their Mother Has Abandoned Them

In this exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, Nollywood actor Emeka Ike says his children are now asking after their German-Nigerian mother, Suzanne Rero Ike who abandoned them and packed out of her matrimonial home few months ago.

When asked if the children are asking after their mother, the actor said:

“On many occasions, they ask me about their mother and tell me to ask her to come back home but she would say she is not coming and there is nothing I can do. They cannot help it; they miss their mother every day. At first when they asked me, I lied to them telling them their mother would come back and that we had made up. Then the media blew everything out of proportion, the news is all over the internet. I cannot kill myself so I try to explain what is happening to them,”.

emeka ike wife abandon children

The actor added: “God is our strength; He is the blessed assurance and the one that consoles a man in my position. We do all we can to make sure the children get the best. I have an assistant in the house, a male house help and a chauffeur in the house and they all take care of the children when I am away attending to work. I make myself available as much as I can because I am their father and mother right now. It has not been easy acting the role of a father and mother to my children but it has made me to love and appreciate them the more. If I am away from them for more than an hour, I would not be at peace so I have to call home to check on them at regular intervals. As I speak with you, I am on my way to work but I make sure I always call them regularly because I am bothered when I am not with them. But a man has to work to fend for his family. I hardly hang out with friends anymore and immediately I finish from work, I rush home to be with my kids,”.

How can a woman abandon her children just like that?? There is more to this story Emeka is not telling us.

34 thoughts on “Emeka Ike: My Wife Has Finally Abandoned Her Children, She Says She’s Not Coming Back

  1. she has german blood in her, those woman don’t send their husbands, no need to worry, Emeka find a Christian woman to marry and forget her

    • Na true u talk Dorothy! God would b in control, i am showing my concern 2 Emeka Ike since bcos, he is one of my best actor in nigerian movie, then i also xperienced such of a situation b4, but i knew, Emeka’s wife mst com back sooner or later, gud luck my best actor.

  2. Dorathy,I concor.I have said that to Emeka before to surrender his case in God’s hand but he has been carried away by infatuation.May be he is now getting used to the situation.To God be the Glory.

  3. My brother be courageous. the same situation is happening all over now. I’m also facing the same case with 2 kids for almost 2 years now. If you can do anything for her to comeback, good. if not ? be a man who can take a final decision and ask for God’s support. Yaoundé/Cameroon

  4. Forget that woman & train ur children she is the most stupid woman of the year, haba how can a mother abandon her children for months and some people are still defending her ? Nonsense.

  5. people keep saying that there is more to this story than emeka is telling, let’s take for instance to ask every woman especially in our African setting how they are fairing in their marriage a good percentage am sure will tell us that they are just there because they have to be there, many will specifically tell you that they are hanging in cos of the kids, am not backing any sort of abuse by men. but we all know this, most of our mum endured a lot in marriage just to make sure no woman comes in to take advantage of her kids. what about the mother hen nature in most Mums.
    don’t quote me, but am still trying to see if this issue of abandoning marriage has got to do with women that has foreign back ground, have a look around and see if want am thinking is true

  6. So what’s the big deal if she change her mind afterall she’s a white woman ????, bro abeg just find one Naija woman marry by the way me I nor know wetin Una dey find for white woman body self Wey we get better ones for our country, Na d Europe me I dey but Na black woman I dey marry as I speak.

  7. Now you can see the work mothers do, u see how to combine working and taking care of ur children, she wants u to feel her importance, she will come back later, those kids are all she has, you emeka mean nothing to her, learn to show ur wife love. Money iss not everything. Anofia

  8. How can one b so sure if this woman is still alive,cos no one has had from her instead only emeka ike bro plz let nothing happen to dis lady o, cos d way u are emphasizing on dis issue it seems u are a self centered person and u just want to paint her black and take d glory, there are 2 things to dis issue it’s either she had slept wit another man and she can’t go back to live wit guilt all her life, or she has gone to hurt herself, plz we all should think, emeka knows wat he is doing,he is just bringing augmentative issues for people to deliberate on

  9. Now i do under so well being a half white just tell it all ,whites are not like us who procrastinate a lot, That little drop of white blood in her is dominating her character ,so don’t blame .That is how there are . Emeka i am so sorry look for some one else

  10. Emeka, it is well, it is not the end of life, just continue to take care of your kids,.
    That woman don’t deserve you, let her go.
    She will come back to her senses one day but may be too late for her.
    I wish you the very best!

  11. You see Wahala !!
    Iam pleading to you Mrs Ike come back for the sake of those innocent children. Probably becos of domestic violence you left your home. I believe he has learnt his stupid lessons.
    Some Nigerian men think marriage is slavery , after-all you are beautiful and marketable. Now those his girlfriends must have ran away and he is no longer substance affected.
    ‘Emeka , stop smoking illicit drugs and be yourself’. Your eyes are down now becos it’s not easy to look after four kids a alone. Now you are going knots .
    My dear Mrs IKE, PLS Wherever you are , come back, he will now adore you .

  12. Na Wa O! Emeka, dats y we dey tel una 2 go back 2 una village 2 marry but, una no dey hear word at al, al dis Oyinbo ladies na shine~shine 4 nothing. If na ur town lady born four kids 4 u like dat, she no go treat u like dat but, white skin go dey attract una, dnt worry i kno say she go com back, 4 kids no b joke, u self make u take time if she com back, pple say u get ur own problem in ur house, u don hear!

  13. pls emeka plead with us wife to come home u must hv done something so unbe
    Arable to make her even agree leaving without her kids,d idea of getting married is disaster itself women r wolves in sheep’s clothing.may u b filled with God’s wisdom at dz critical time.Amen

  14. Emeka!!!!The media did not blow your story out of proportion-I think its the opposite you were the one that came to the media accusing Chris Okotie and your wife of infidelity; You have also tried to use your children to try to blackmail your wife into returning home willy-nilly.
    I still maintain that the only reason your wife is running away from you is because she is running for her dear life.
    Let all those fools abusing your wife come and live with you for one day.

  15. Why are you still worried about a woman you have taken out all the BEAUTIFUL children in her womb ??? Look for a trusted aged Nany , and leave the SCRAP to go and died REGRETTING !!!

  16. Dorothy what do u know about German woman my mum is German and has been witj my daf for over 30 years. Emeka has hurt this woman and is very lousy about the way he wants her back$its possible he wants her bacj now to protect his image. He has done a lot of damage and is still harassing her publicly he doesn’t seem sincere

  17. Emeka, it is well just continue the take care of your lovely kids.
    Just do your best, and leave the rest to GOD
    Your wife may not know what she has done to herself, but by the time she will realise it may be too late for her.
    Once again, i say it is well!

  18. Dupe and kedi,u both need to see a doctor to check if ur re *****. My bros,dnt remarry,just keep tryin ur best to take of ur kids,if ur wife choose to return,fine but if not,dnt worry God ll help u out,soon she ll regret her actions.peace be unto u.

  19. Most of these comment are stupid. If you all been following this story. He beat his wife and treat her like shit. She took the kids and left. He is the one take two of the kids hoping she’ll return but she didn’t. No abandoning

  20. you all are stupid, did you find out to the extent emeka dealt with her before she decided to abandon then. plz I don’t like one sided judgement

  21. Why is it that some people don’t reason. How can a woman abandon her children just like that?? There is more to this story Emeka is not telling us..—THE WRITER—- I knw some of you will thinking or saying how can a mother abandoned her children , but you dnt knw the pain she is going through in dat home(or hell). It surprise me on hw people trust celebrities. Emeka ike should tell Nigeria the truth nd stop condemning the woman publicly nd making de kids to be against de mother.
    Before you judge or criticize look into de matter well. I’m not siding anybody. God help de family especially the kids

  22. This woman was married as a virgin, since she has tasted the forbidden fruit outside she will give all kinds of reasons to leave her husband. Where is the marriage vow : till death do us part.

  23. I have read all your comments and contribution to this Emeka’s family matter, you see non of us is there to say exactly what has happen. To me all i will have to say is “Let her ” go back to her home no matter what the case is her husband has beg her apart from that and for the sake of her children let her find a place in her heart to forgive her husband and take back her home ….hmmmm before intruder will enterooooo. It happens like this in my family after my mother abandoned four of us to my Dad with all the begging and apologies my mum refuse to go back. Today i blame my mum at all time and her excuse is did i want her to have died there. I grew up to see my father suffer so much for us and it affected my love for her ealier but later i change my mind set. so no matter what it is not a good thing to abandon kids, rather take them with a bit better.

  24. Emeka, I don’t know what you did to your wife to this extend she refuse to come back to her home, correct your mistake and take heart and carry on with life, assuming she is dead you and your children will live, seems she decided to say without her children that’s means she did not love them. Start new life with Igbo girl not half cast, their lifestyle is different from black we don’t cherish divorce.

  25. Must she be killed in the name of marriage. If emeka was beating her she wont be there for her kids anyway because she will be dead. Dont judge her until you walk a mile in her shoes. She knows best why she left haba marriage marriage must we die in the name marriage.

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