Oluchi Anekwe, Electrocuted UNILAG Accounting Student Predicted Her Death On Facebook

oluchi anekwe predicted death

Sept 12, 2015 – Oluchi Anekwe, Electrocuted UNILAG First Class 300 Level Accounting Student Predicted Her Death On Facebook

Oluchi, a very brilliant UNILAG student who died of electrocution on Wednesday was said to have predicted her death few months ago on Facebook.

According to her friends, Oluchi took to FB to write: “Everything that makes us human is vain. Many are born great but die unknown…. about 4 months to her untimely death.

The deceased who reportedly lived in fear of death for the most part of August was said to have prayed fervently in her church’s prayer meeting last Sunday.

Hear what her sister Nkem said:

“Last Sunday while at one of our prayer meetings in church, the man of God asked us to rebuke every monitoring spirit assigned to follow us about. Immediately, Oluchi got on her knees and started praying seriously, crying for God to rebuke evil away from her. I had never seen her pray like that before. It was as if she knew death was around the corner,” Nkem said.

May her soul rest in peace.

13 thoughts on “Oluchi Anekwe, Electrocuted UNILAG Accounting Student Predicted Her Death On Facebook

  1. There is something about this her look that is spiritual. May be she is one of those kids borrowed on the shrine, they don’t last

  2. I think we’r just tryn hard 2 read meaning in2dat fb post. Ask me, &I’d say it dznt necessarily predict her death; she merely expressd wat we all hold2b true.

  3. Do u belief that dis lady is a real human being? Possibly, merely looking at her picture,she resemble mummy water. May be she had made a vow to return home, and now that she had being to d earth nd tasted how sweet it is.she don’t want 2 return to d water again.nd she knows d actual time 4her trip. Dats y She knees and started praying
    seriously, crying for God to
    take away d cup away from her. As we have it in mark 14:32.

  4. Yes Dorothy and Rita I think her looks frightens. Immediately I saw her one thing came up in my mind saying snake. She has snake spirit which is also mami water. See her eyes and looks and neck. May she go meet them in Jesus name. Mami water give knowledge then take it back.

    May be they have been calling her that’s why she prayed and cried but why did she go for proper deliverance.

  5. Just how foolish people can get , someone just passed on nd ur jux spitting trash maamiwater dis snake girl dat , now u see d dangers of nollywood.if it was ur sista dah died nd sm1 writes same abt her , I imagine hw u feel.dorothy rita n d prince, I duff ma hat 4 ur level of stupidity n ignorance

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