Emmanuel Eboue, Suicidal Ex Arsenal Defender Offered Assistant Coaching Job By Galatasaray

emmanuel eboue assistant coaching job

December 25, 2017 – Ex-Arsenal Defender Emmanuel Eboue Gets Coaching Job At Galatasaray After Near Suicide Ordeal

Emmanuel Eboue, Suicidal Ex Arsenal Defender Gets Assistant Coach Job At Galatasaray In Turkey After Losing Fortune To Wife

An end has come to the travail of former Arsenal Defender, Emmanuel Eboue who lost his fortune after divorcing his Oyinbo wife, Aurelie Bertrand. Hehas found himself a new job.

According to Soccer.com, Galatasary football club in Turkey has offered Eboue the position of an assistant coach for their Under 14 team.

He is expected to walk his way up the ladder of success from there.

The manager of the turkish football club confirms this in an interview with CNN on Monday.

The Ivorian footballer who married Aurelie Bertrand in Belgium back in 2004 lost all his fortune to his wife after their divorce.

His marriage problem started started last year when he was given a year suspension from football for failing to pay his agent.

Months later, the footballer soon became broke, which led to a messy divorce battle between him and his wife.

The outcome of the divorce case filed by his now estranged wife left the footballer broke as he lost his life saving and fortune to Aurelie, the mother of his three children.

Aurelie who now has the custody of his their three kids ( a boy & 2 girls) has been given the ownership of the Ivorian footballer’s North London home.

Aurelie has since put the house on the market as Eboue battles to move on with his life.

He told Sunday Mirror yesterday that his life has been left shattered since his estranged wife has blocked his children from making contact with him.

38 thoughts on “Emmanuel Eboue, Suicidal Ex Arsenal Defender Offered Assistant Coaching Job By Galatasaray

  1. I blame him for this mess. Why didn’t he marry his fellow ivorians. Samuel Etoo and Drogba marrie from Ivory coast.
    Dis eboue must be a black racist. It is reward time for you. Enjoy it while it lasts

    • Cold cold cold !!!
      It’s not about where your spouse comes from. It just didn’t work out and we have at least 2 broken people here – and when u think about their children , it is so sad; may God help them ; may we find people who will graciously comfort us when we are in trouble rather than criticise

    • you are the racist here. one can marry any colour he likes, any race.
      how many broken black marriages we have in Africa? you can’t count them. some even have morethan one wife at a time. Is just that the Oyinbo women fight for what they feel is theirs,black women don’t.

      • which law in Africa give all ur properties to women when u av a divorce? is better u think twice marry oyinbo woman.

      • The Oyinbo women didn’t stay by her husband side when times were tough. She didn’t fight to keep him when he was losing money she just left.

    • No, he’s not to blame. A black woman could do that too. He just wasn’t smart. He never heard of pre-nuptials, stating, whatever happens, whoever may be at fault, you never get half of my fortune only child support.

      Whether I’m a man or woman, I shouldn’t work my arse off for my money and then end up giving half or all of it to one idiot

  2. This is yahoo Yahoo marriage, marrying a white lady is a time bomb, Eboue left Africans ladies and went ahead to married a white lady, except divorce any time from white ladies. They love divorce.

  3. I think this will serves as a lesson to other Africans. “Michael Obi” on my mind they should know that not all that glitters is Gold.

  4. This is a racist fraud, how would you take advantage of in educated las, make him sign any document that comes about in the name of trust and wife… These European courts are really bias

    • I can’t believe him saying he has no investments, a full grown international figure like him.
      It’s scary and sad to hear him crying been a broke and roofless after decking-In millions of foreign currency Though ,this is fore-experience,not a example. This time is a lalearning period.

  5. If she was a black lady I could have had all sorts of name calling a gold-digger, money-mog, etc but because she is White, Ooh! its Emmanuel’s problem he didn’t handle his money so forth and so forth….What a brilliant nonsense! He trusted her and took advantage of his weak sides and these thievery racists British Courts helped her to loot money and property from him.

  6. that serves him right why there is different kinds of Africa ladies he went ahead in marry white lady what ever one desire he shall get

  7. Is high time laws start being fair on both gender, is this not absurd? Loosing everything to wife, no matter the mistakes and stupidity, why? Was such judgment based on facts or biased based on race, this is absolute madness.

  8. It is a crying shame that all they like to do is take the money hard earn by the Africans and still call us names. Eboue did not use wisdom at all. Hope he has learn his lesson and can now move on. So sad what a hard working defender wit the Gunners.He should have followed his other African brothers.This days you cannot tell which is worst, African woman or Oyibo woman. The African women are more brutal when it comes to break-up and marital dissolution. May Grace extend to you Eboue

  9. we it’s a pity for a player of his caliber,this is not time for blames but time for consolations, I am deeply consoling the young man, for he thought it was the right move at the beginning never new it will end this way, if only you could turn back the hands of time, I new such will never happen to you again, but never to worry.just focus on your new found job and a way to win back at list one of your child.

  10. I just want to advise him to pick himself up with the new job given to him and start life afresh. He should also try to work on his education, it is not too late to go to school. Remember to move closer to God and let him pilot ur shattered life for. Strong brother, God want to use ur situation to change ur life and warn other African players. Shine ur eyes

  11. i don’t understand how these laws came about. Were they not made by men in majority against men? I think it’s targetted against blacks. It’s quite unfair. We should be more careful. God help us!

  12. you don’t know what you are saying. please read his story well. you here talking about investments. His wife took everything.

  13. Blood is ticker than water.Let him appeal for d custody of his children. Again, d wife is hard less by forgetting past times and memorable days. I pray he move on if all failed to work.

  14. Am really sad for what happened to him is one of my favorite player at Arsenal really feel sad oh Emmanuel. Please Drogba, eto, toure, please help him

    • next will be Mikel my brother, after dey will say its only Africans that use black magic.who knows the amount of juju dis woman inserted into her p***y
      that made eboue forget about pre marriage nuptials.shay u don’t get another work if u like go marry another white again.

  15. Why didn’t you sign a pre nuptial agreement. it would have saved you a lot of grief. probably you were head over hill in love & didn’t view the other side of the coin.best of luck to you bro.

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