Emmanuel Emenike Under Spiritual Attack, Did Turkish Ritual “They Are Fighting Me With Juju”


emmanuel emenike spiritual attack

March 23, 2015 – Emmanuel Emenike Walked Out On Match In Turkey,  Did Turkish Spiritual Cleansing Ritual To Remove Curse Placed On Him, Footballer Says He’s Tired Of Life

Emmanuel Emenike Under Spiritual Attack, Did Turkish Ritual, Footballer Says His Nigerian Family Fighting Him With Juju

Emmanuel Emenike walked out on a match in Turkey over the weekend after racist chants by his own club (Fenerbache) fans were directed at him.

Emenike was obviously hurt during Sunday, March 22 match against Besiktas after his home fans began to taunt him. He removed his shirt and ran towards the bench in either anger or sadness.

His coaches however pleaded with him to return back to the pitch which he did.

Emenike has been lazy in front of goal this season, netting just four times in 22 appearances, He was booed by his club fan before coach Ismail Kartal finally decided to withdraw him.

After the match, a furious Emenike insinuated that he was tired of life in the Thurkish club and wants to go somewhere else where he will be loved.

It would be recalled that Emmanuel Emenike recently underwent a Turkish spiritual cleansing ritual to lift a curse that he believes has been placed on him that caused his goal drought.

Emenike was reported to have complained that his energy is out of sync after being cursed in Nigeria and that it has had a detrimental effect on his performances on the field.

“My energy is not right, something is wrong, I just need a goal to get back to form but people from my village in Nigeria are fighting me with juju ” Emenike was quoted as saying by Milliyet.

The 27-year-old striker underwent a ritual called ‘Kur_un Dökme’ which is carried out when it is believed that an evil eye is upon you. The evil eye is the name for a curse or sickness transmitted by someone who is envious, jealous or wishes harm on someone.

The evil eye belief is that a person can harm you and your property by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware.

Watch Emenike walking out of the field after racist chants yesterday