Erastus Akingbola Re-Arrested By The EFCC

erastus akingbola arrested

Feb 25, 2013 – Erastus Akingbola Re-Arrested By The EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC said on Monday it has re-arrested Erastus Akingbola, the former managing director of Intercontinental Bank Plc( now merged with Access Bank Plc).

In a press statement released to the media, EFCC said that Akingbola “is currently being held at the Commission’s facility in Ikoyi, Lagos, preparatory to his arraignment tomorrow, February 26, 2013 before Justice Adeniyi Onigbanjo of the Lagos High Court on fresh charges of stealing.”

EFCC added that Mr. Akingbola will be arraigned afresh on fraud charges before another Lagos High Court judge.

The National Judicial Council last Friday suspended Justice Charles Archibong, who initially handled the initial case against him for misconduct. Today, President Goodluck Jonathan endorsed the recommendation and compulsorily retired him.

The NJC said Archibong dismissed a grievious charge against Akingbola without taking his plea and refused to release the Certified True Copy of his ruling to lawyers.


3 thoughts on “Erastus Akingbola Re-Arrested By The EFCC

  1. Calabar man wey don collect bribe for back to d favor of dat fraudsta. Thank God for revisiting his case afta tanishing d image of d former Intercontinental Bank. Let him face his judgement squarely and thank To Jona our presido wey retire dat bribe collector. Let it serve as deterence to odas. Corrupt persons in comely Nation of good will.

  2. All we hear and see is arrest after arrest when will we hear that someone has been sentences that not a police with three stars collecting wazo!!!The corruptor want to steal from the corrupted! It a Dawg eat Dawg world….or are they just snoooooppppin!!!!!

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