Muslim vs Christian Youths:Football Field Clash In Taraba, Nigeria Killed 28

muslim christian youths football field nigeria

Feb 25, 2013 – Muslim vs Christian Youths Football Field Fight In Taraba State, Nigeria: 28 People Killed

Residents of Wukari in Taraba State said yesterday that they counted 28 dead bodies on the streets of the restive town following last Saturday’s bloodbath but the police confirmed only five were killed. A House of Assembly member representing Wukari II Constituency Ishaya Gani, had on Saturday said a mere argument between two football enthusiasts snowballed into bloody battle with deep religious sentiment, leading to the killing of five people while about 300 houses were destroyed.

But Japhet Ande, a resident of Wukari, told our reporter that he counted 28 bodies on the streets hours after the incident. Already, state government has imposed 24 hours curfew on the community to forestall possible escalation of the crisis Our repoter who was in Wukari yesterday saw some of the bodies still lying on the streets even amid heavy presence of securitymen. Churches were not opened for Sunday service.

Also, securitymen have cordoned off the Zaki Biam Wukari Jalingo Road as vehicles plying the road from the Benue end were compelled to pass through Katsina-ala- Bali to Jalingo. A policeman who does not want his name in print said that the bodies were evacuated and taken to the Wukari General Hospital mortuary by securitymen on Saturday night. “Last night (Saturday), we used our Hilux vehicle to convey more than 10 corpses to the mortuary at the General Hospital and up till now, there are bodies on the streets.

We may start parking them later in the evening”, he said, a possibility that more people may have died in the crisis than the previous official confirmation. Chairman of Wukari Local Government, Mr. Danazimi Agbo, said he “could not give the exact number of people killed,” adding “as I am speaking with you now, on (Sunday), we are still conveying bodies to the mortuary. Therefore, it is impossible for me to tell you the number of casualty.”

[By John Nkom, Daily Sun]

19 thoughts on “Muslim vs Christian Youths:Football Field Clash In Taraba, Nigeria Killed 28

  1. The govt of Taraba state should find a lasting solution, that is to established a law that will favour every body in that state because no one is a stranger in this world.

  2. It is unfortunate that so many youth are seeing other fellow youth as chicken. The truth is, D devil is seeing that the end is near, he needs more souls to perish in hell than saved in heaven. God will have mercy on those shedding human blood as if they are pouring red wine out of bottle.

  3. that Northern Nigeria muslim are now black Taliban,living backward ,bring people by force to 2000yrs ago.i said it many times the only way to get peacefull,no bloodshet news about killing in nigeria is to divide nigeria into 5 parts.S.west Oduduwa Republic,S.east Biafra Republic, S.south Niger-delta Republic, Christian in mid-belt or up till part of brono state join them together to get their own norther-mid-belt northern republic and the rest far Northern Nigeria get their arewa Republic or Boko Harm republic.cos they can never live peacefull with other Religion and tribes side by side,cos they belive they are better and born to rule others in their belive,anything blood and ready for God to reward them with 72 virgin women,am a muslim but we dont have same belive ,cos we in S.west is mixed religion, in every house u find muslim ,christian even traditional beliver but we dont kill ourself.any S.west that do like them is fews foolish that was born and live so long with those foolish uneducated in northern nigeria,but we are that clear away from them we mix in our house and marriage.

  4. I wonder when will the north embrace a long lasting peace so as to give room for development to take place which will then remove poverty which is the cause of youth idleness that causes frustration that lead to all sort of crimes. You can never hear of any religion crises else where in Africa but only in Nigeria, haba!!! why, north? is there any one on this earth that will come out and tell me that he will never die? if those innocent people you people killed dead because you killed them, then you should know that you will also dead by the grace of God if you do not repent from your sins.

  5. I bliv in d sayin, we kil 2 stop kilin.dr s war 2 stop war,if muslim or xtian tink dy own ds country,let war b dclared and d winner dominate it, am tired of ds mess n d Govt s nt doin anytin, evryday dy r on top of d issue, wen wil dy b in countrol of d isue, fuck al Nigerian, fuck u d leaders.

  6. Having anything to do with an hausa man is like dinnig with the devil. These people dont believe in peace but violence for that is what their leaders taught them. If care is not taken,these people are looking for war & they will get. They should say their mind so that we will know where we are going in nigeria. Infact,i advice we split to stop all these nonsense!

  7. Wat mst b mst b. I’v prayd sevraly 4 peace 2 com bak in Nija bt i found dat dia cnt b peace again in Nija bcs a dog dos nt c a cat nd stay calm. I found dat xtians nd muslims re nt made 2b 2geda. A litle peace cn only exist betwen d 2 if only dey re splitd. Nija ned 2 b divided

  8. Why all diz killn d northerners still want 2 remain uncivilised,d solution to all this is to divide dis country o,becuz northerners wil neva change.

  9. I have severally asked, ”Why is it that the Muslims and Christians who engage in ethno-religious violence are not the mosque going or church going ones?”.
    The Federal Govt needs to take a look at this and ensure criminals do not sabotage our dear nation.

  10. i hate wat so call illiterate m***ims fulk u people aboki most go all i wan is 4dm 2divide dis country how i wish ojukwu was stil alive he neva condon nonsence

  11. i don’t know wat 2 say but if dividin dis country is d solution wat about cristian livin in d bloody north,we wll be helpless i think we need 2 fight n know who wins Jesus is my shield n buckler.

  12. whats all these rubbish ? i don,t blame these illiterate abokis, if these desperate southerners don,t build houses in dat thier desert lands, which house , aboki 4 destroy ? DIVIDE NIGERIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!, MAKE WE HEAR WORD. WHEN THEY KILL 95 XTIANS, THEN THEY,LL KILL 5 MOSLEMS. Y ,RE D ABOKIS IN D SOUTH LIVING IN SO MUCH PEACE ?, WHILE D SOUTHERNERS CAN,T SLEEP IN CONFIDENCE ? WE NEED ONLY 3 ODUMEGU OJUKWU IN D SOUTH. ALL ABOKIS RENT HOUSES, XTIANS WON SHOW. STOP DECEIVING URSELVES, NIGERIA MUST SEPERATE .

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