Eucharia Anunobi Quits Acting For Full Time Pastoral Service

eucharia anunobi full time pastor

April 22, 2017 – How Eucharia Anunobi Dumped Nollywood For Full Time Pastoral Service

Veteran Nollywood actress is one of the quintessential actors whose star shone glowingly after her outing in the lewd flick, Glamour Girls in 1994. Anunobi’s swift word delivery is almost next to none, her temperament, effortlessly scary, was demanded for use by producers of the movies of that era, nearly stereotyped her as typical best act to play a short-tempered character.

But that was just a little to thrill you about the actor. Her modulation also seamlessly exuded confidence while her reign lasted as one of the queens of the screen.

But later on in the 2000’s, the lady slowed down in movie appearances. Indications were rife that she ran into trouble with producers who were willing to offer her a lot lesser fees than she demanded for roles.

If that was humiliation, she refused to be brought on her knees. In the mid-2000s, the self-styled lady announced she’s now given to Christ and would be more dedicated to the calling than anything else. In a chat with New Telegraph, she said:

“I am an associate pastor with the Fresh Oil Ministry International Church at Egbeda in Lagos.

I am an ordained evangelist as well as an apostle; I am a speaker in and around the country. I had gone to minister in the United States of Amer- ica, a lot of West African countries, and I have ministered in a lot of churches i n and outside the country and some churches and organisations invite me to be their speaker at their various meetings.”

Though she argues she’s still very much on the scene, it’s obvious her moment in the star is long past.

Born May 26, 1965, the graduate of English Language whose marriage packed up many years back would be remembered by some of her blockbuster movies like; Battle of Musanga (1996), Died Wretched (1998), Heartless (1999), Desperadoes (2001) and Death Warrant (2001) and many others.

8 thoughts on “Eucharia Anunobi Quits Acting For Full Time Pastoral Service

  1. As we all know that being a pastor is the quietest way to make money in Nigeria there this isn’t a surprise to me at all.

  2. AMEN! And as for those of you judging her, remember God can “call” anyone. God bless us all. AMEN!

  3. she can become a motivational speaker,unicef/un ambassador,community organiser.guidance and counselling,run for office and engage in effective leadership.

  4. She is actually a career woman to the core.Dedicating herself to God’s work & acting movies is worth commendation.

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