Evangelist John Arinze Arrest: Shame On Nigerians Staining The Good Image Of Nigeria – Omokehinde


evangelist john arinze arrest

July 1st, 2016 – Evangelist John Arinze’s Arrest By The NDLEA: Shame On Nigerians Tarnishing The Good Image Of Nigeria  – Omokehinde

Open letter by Omokehinde on the arrest of Nigerian evangelist John Arinze by the NDLEA

Some wicked Nigerians hide their weakness and other evil agendas under the umbrella of religion, tribalism, political affiliation, sentiments, and other evil umbrellas to commit crimes against the people.

These criminals carry out atrocities, murder, commit fraud, loot our national treasure, and steal from the suffering Nigerians.

Criminals like Boko Haram hide under religion extremism to kill thousands of Nigerians including many Muslims, other criminal groups like the Niger Delta Avengers hide under the umbrella of hatred and tribalism to destroy infrastructures worth billions of dollars and kill innocent people just because Jonathan is no longer Nigerian President, while some like Kanu Nnamdi hides under the umbrella of tribalism and hatred to instigate one tribe against another to cause civil war or civil unrest, some hide under the umbrella of religion like Evangelist Arinze and many more calling themselves pastors, Bishops, Evangelist to steal, kill, and destroy lives of unsuspecting Christians looking for quick miracles instead of serving God Almighty through Christ Jesus.

Others like Gov. Fayose, president Jonathan, senator Bukola Saraki and a host of other criminal politicians hide under the umbrella of APC and PDP to commit great crimes of looting, mismanagement, embezzlement, and corruption to destroy Nigeria’s future, economy, and morality.

Whereas, some hide under the umbrella of religion intolerance and tribalism to tarnish, and distort records and accomplishment of anyone who doesn’t speak their language, reason like them or come from their region or tribe.

This is why good Nigerian people from the East, South, and West should stand up and defend the truth, religion freedom, promote love, unity and true coexistence among various factions in our nation.

All Nigerians should stand up to condemn looting, embezzlement, religion fraudsters or 419 pastors, Islamic clerics and other evil that divide us as people of common destiny.

There is no country in history that became a great nation without making good use of their diversities. God Almighty created us in various colors with different languages, culture, and sizes for His glory.

Nigerian youths must not make the same mistakes committed by our past leaders that created the mess we are in today, but we must respect each other, dialogue based on facts, common sense, and reasoning but not based on fear, hatred, religions differences, and tribalism.

This is the only way Nigeria can rise and be great again. God is truly full of love and compassion, if not He has the power to strike and kill all kill pastors, Evangelists, Bishops, and host of other using His Holy name to commit gruesome crimes and atrocities by calling themselves Christians-meaning “Christ Like”.