Ex-Nigerian Customs DG Dikko Returns N1Billion Out Of Stolen N40B As EFCC Seizes Mansion


ex customs dg returns 1 billion to efcc

Nov 3rd, 2016 – Former Nigerian Customs DG Abdullahi Dikko Returns 1Billion Out Of Stolen N40Billion As EFCC Seizes His Mansion In Abuja

Former Customs Comptroller General, Alhaji Dikko has reached a deal with the EFCC to return part of the money he stole from the Federal Government of Nigeria under ex-President Jonathan administration.

Dikko who served as the head of NCS between August 2009 and 2016 allegedly diverted over N40billion.

The huge funds were allegedly drawn from proceeds of 7% cost of collection and 1% comprehensive import supervision scheme.

dikko mansion abuja seized efcc

He has now returned 1 billion to the EFCC with the promise to return more.

His N200million mansion in Abuja has been seized by the EFCC.

If a man can easily refund N1billion then he must have embezzled more than he can handle….

Chai we are now in an era of chop till you die.

May God help Nigeria.