Ex-PDP Chief Onwe Solomon Arrested For Running Kidnap Syndicate

hon onwe solomon onwe arrested

June 27, 2016 – Ex-PDP Chief, Hon. Onwe Solomon Onwe Arrested For Running  Robbery & Kidnap Syndicate, Police Inspector Arrested While Attempting To Free Suspect

Former PDP Deputy National Secretary, Chief Onwe Solomon Onwe has been arrested for leading a kidnap syndicate in Ebonyi State.

An inspector attached to the State Police Command Francis Onyeka was also arrested for attempting to free arrested members of Onwe Solomon’s kidnap syndicate.

Ebonyi State Police PPRO, George Okafor said Onwe has been empowering the notorious kidnap gang for a while before he was arrested.

10 thoughts on “Ex-PDP Chief Onwe Solomon Arrested For Running Kidnap Syndicate

  1. if find guilt he should be kill. I really dont understand people sometimes, he left his political career for kidnapping career, death sentence

  2. God is God and the cry of the distressed people suffering the atrocities of wicked people will be avenged in Jesus Name.

  3. How true is this story? Well I will just cross my hand & wait for more update, if not I refuse to belief.

  4. Where are all the commentators on this forum????
    Where is Metu Nyetu??
    Where is D Hunter???
    Why the deafening silence on this story about this your tribesman hmmmmmm????
    I take a stroll……Lol!!!!

  5. Let us imagine having these bunch of idiots in power. How do you think this Country will move ahead? My advise to the police chief is to make sure this guy doesn’t escape being punish for tormenting the life of innocent people. If you release this guy the next victim may be your own son or daughter. What goes around comes around. In order to clean up crime in Nigeria people like this moron onwe must end up in prison. I have said it many times in this forum that the secret of our security lies within the leadership of this Country. PDP comprises of association of evil people with sinister motives.

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