Ex Super Falcons Star James Johnson: How I Escaped From Kidnappers In Abuja

former super falcons star escapes from kidnapper in Abuja

July 22, 2016 – Former Super Falcons Star Iyabo Abade, James Johnson: How I Escaped From Kidnappers In Karu Area Of Abuja

Ex Super Falcons star James Johnson has narrated his miraculous escape from some kidnappers in Abuja.

The former hermaphrodite player (Iyabo Abade) now a male (James Johnson) recounted his nightmare ordeal in the hands of 3 suspected kidnappers attempting to force him into a waiting car around 5:30am in Karu area of Abuja recently.

In his words:

“I was on my way out early in the morning, around 5:30am, when three guys accosted me and ordered me to enter their car. I was all alone at the bus stop at Jikwoyi area of Karu in Abuja when it happened but I thank God almighty for making me a sports person, if not, they would have taken me away,”.

“I fought the three guys with all my life; I was faced between life and death and it could have been the last chance I had to fight, so I did. I took all their blows but it came with injuries; they broke my finger, took my phone and money,” .

“One of them said they should twist my neck, which made me to fight even harder. When they saw that I was too strong for them, they rushed into their car and zoomed off. I thank God that I’m alive today.”

7 thoughts on “Ex Super Falcons Star James Johnson: How I Escaped From Kidnappers In Abuja

  1. Thank God for your life, dear! The importance of physical fitness can hardly be over estimated.

  2. Lawmakers, I hope you are listening to all these stories of kidnapping activities? Do something. Fast to ensure deterrent laws are in place to check this manace pllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssse!!!
    Happy survival to the survivor of that attack!

  3. Thank God for your life. I wonder why buhari is not doing anything concerning this kidnappers but only focuses on the area he’s dealing with PDP members calling it probe and fighting corruption.

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