Warri Bishop Sunny Jero Cleared Of Funding NDA Militants, 2 Arrested For Giving Police False Info

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July 22, 2016 – Warri Bishop Sunny Jero Cleared Of Funding NDA Militants, 2 Arrested For Giving Police False Information

The Delta State Police Command on Thursday arraigned two suspects for false information when they had claimed that a Bishop of a new generation church in Warri was sponsoring the Niger Delta Avengers.

The Punch had on Wednesday exclusively reported that the bishop who is the founder the New Salvation Church of Christ in Igbodi area of Warri, Bishop Sunny Jero, was being interrogated by police detectives from the Warri area command over an allegation linking the pastor with the militant group.

The report generated uproar leading to the arrest of the petitioners for false accusation against the man of God.

They were arraigned on a one-count charge of false accusation, an offence punishable under Section 125 of the Criminal Code Cap c21 of Delta State.

Also, a statement issued on Thursday by the Police Public Relations Officer of the Delta State Command, SP Celestina Kalu, exonerated the pastor from the allegation after his house and church were searched by security operatives and nothing was found.

At Thursday arraignment of the two suspects- Smart Etiemor and Robinson Dagbolo before a Warri South Chief magistrate court, the prosecution counsel, ASP Sunny Irabor, told the court that the suspects allegedly petitioned the complainant on July 14, 2016 over human trafficking, gunrunning and sponsoring the Niger Delta Avengers.

Irabor told Chief Magistrate C. I. Moeteke that after obtaining a search warrant, the police combed the church and private residence of the bishop in Warri alongside the suspects where no incriminating substance was found against the bishop.

He noted that the complainant (Jero ) had to re-arrest the suspects for false accusation against the clergyman.

Both suspects were however ordered to be remanded at the Okere Prison, Warri pending a legal advice from the Department of Public Prosecutions on the case.

Speaking on the allegation after the arraignment of the suspects, the Bishop Jero told newsmen that he was innocent of the accusation.

He commended The Punch for the report which he said hastened the investigation into the matter, his freedom and the subsequent arraignment of the suspects.

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16 thoughts on “Warri Bishop Sunny Jero Cleared Of Funding NDA Militants, 2 Arrested For Giving Police False Info

  1. Vindication at last! I said it that let’s wait and see how this findings or investigation unfold. Wicked people will never stop their wicked acts.

  2. Amanda what did I tell you and your cohorts??? That this man could just be framed up. Didn‘t I? ********.

    You thought Christianity is as hostile as ******* destructive, demented, dangerous, demonic, deceitful, dirty, dubious, devilish *****?

    If an un-announced thorough search and investigations is carried out on all the Churches and mosques around the country right now, the World would be surprise to find out that there are more weapons in all these mosques than all our Army barracks put together in this country.

    This is simply bcos the ****** are more hostile, antagonistic, prone to terrorism and killing than any other existing religion in the Universe.

    Seriously, the ***** in charge of this ******* must be a very strong one (a field marshal) in the spirit with seven strong horns on its head. Chai…! God forbid.

    I take a stroll…

  3. Thank God that this man did not join the horde of many pervert clergy who have brought dishonour to the Name of the Lord!

    The fight between some people continues…

  4. Complainant turned accused. Not quite an unknown phenomenon in our system, but while no one should be allowed to give false information about another, there should be some balance maintained somehow regarding information given to the police because in these times of serious security concerns. People should not be discouraged from reporting unusual occurrences or the nation will be in deep trouble.

  5. i sensed this in the earlier post that it lacks objectivity and that there is no prove. thank God the man of God is not suffering from what he did not do.. let the good work continue sir.
    @D_HUNTER that was much not all mu**** are devlish (am a Christian though)


  7. Amanda, I told you, where art thou? come out here and defend yourself or SHAME on you and all your ******* cohorts for excitedly running ****** bla bla bla in apropos to the allegations level on the MOG just a few days ago.

    Question: Has any islamic cleric been accused of terrorism and later found to be innocent and exonerated? No way. Why? Simple answer:- cos they all truely *******.

    I take a stroll…

  8. D Hunter, here I am. I think you need t****************** Kindly back search my posts on this issue and quote where I accused the Bishop?. I was fair in judgment. I never said he did like you usually jumped to conclusions.

    As for******* Muslims, I am not surprised. I know you happy now bcus Christianity is “saved” from shame.

    Lastly, you asked if there was ever any Muslim cleric exonerated?. First all, this Bishop issue was never tagged terror!sm. Get that fact right. In this day and age, I dont expect exoneration of accused Muslims surrounded by islamophobes around the world. We know how they wrongly jailed many of them. Gitmo is a clear cut example. Those people were never tried but have been incarcerated for over a decade now. Many more cases of Muslims in the US accused falsely but govt would do what they gonna do. ************

    Thank God for the Bishop. But, honestly you need to stop pretending like there have never been bad Christians and their leaders. Metu Nyetu’s conclusion up there sums that.

  9. @D Hunter all dis claims will never turn Amanda to christian,so u ppl should hold ur heaven as u claim to go after death nd we shall stick to our own faith! ******u… a muslim guy all d way from Imo(mbaise)

    • U dey mind him?. Even if 50% Muslims are accused of terrorism still has nothing to do with teachings of Islam. He wants to judge Islam by current affairs. Too bad

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