Fake Deputy Commissioner Of Police With Charms Arrested In Ogun State

fake police deputy commissioner Suspect from previous arrest

Sept 25, 2012 – Fake Deputy Commissioner Of Police With Charms Arrested In Ogun State

On Monday Sept 24, 2012, security officials arrested a fake deputy commissioner of police in Ogun State Governor’s office in Oke Mosan, Abeokuta. naijagists.com

The fake police officer identified as Mr T.A Banjo at the time of his arrest was found in possession of charms.

He was nabbed while himself and 2 other people were trying to find their way to the office of the Secretary to the State Government, Mr.Taiwo Adeoluwa located within the same premises.

Suspicious of the way the suspects were moving within the Governor’s Office Complex, vigilant security operatives had promptly arrested them.

When interrogated by security operatives, Banjo reportedly claimed that three of them were on a visit to the governor’s office to see the Secretary to the State Government, Adeoluwa.

When searched, items including a police officer’s Identity Card with the rank of Deputy Commissioner, a National Identity Card , handsets and objects suspected to be charms were found on the three suspects.

The arrest of the three suspects caused confusion among workers in the SSG office who became apprehensive following the news that a fake policeman who claimed to be on a visit to their boss had been arrested and found to be in possession of charms.

Confirming the arrest, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi said the suspects were in custody of the police at the Command Headquarters, Eleweran.

Adejobi, an assistant superintendent of police said, The incident was a clear case of impersonation. He has the I D card of the rank of deputy Commissioner.it is impersonation,we are taking over the case.

He must have used it to perpetrate some evils. We cannot condone this evil.” (punchngreports)

15 thoughts on “Fake Deputy Commissioner Of Police With Charms Arrested In Ogun State

  1. God Almighty will deliver us in this Country, Nigeria. The man must be an agent of `Polithieves` ruling us who did not see anything good in moving the nation forward. God Bless Nigeria.

  2. It takes a minimum of 16yrs to be a DCP when you start from cadet ASP , minimum of 22yrs when you start from cadet inspector , minimum of 30yrs or never when you start from ‘recruit’. So how come a civilian becomes a DCP overnight. I love naija soooo much. Man got to survive by hook or crook. The whole system is rotten. Don’t you think so? But as always said every day is for the thief and one day for the owner of the house. Judgement day for our dear DCP.

  3. The Government shut deal with that crump who claime to be uniform Man cheee…he may be members of Boko haram group.

  4. God help us 4rm dis bad people, can u imagin’ DSP where did he get those ranks and id card? Dat is hw God ll continue to reveal them God bless Nigeria

  5. I know this fake man calling himself Commissioner of Police – he lives in Iyana Ipaja and was once a security detail with one oil company in VI, Lagos. He was sack for nefarious activities – ranging from stealing, extortion, and 419 activities. He never went to school or probably never finished Secondary School. What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This sleeps with women all over the place and regarding himself as Police.
    He want Title for himself- but does not want to work hard. Foolish people. I know the entire family in Iyana Ipaja and they refers to themselves with one stupid title or the other. More so, all the family prostitues about town

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