Fake Doctor, Herbalist Damaged Woman’s Uterus In A Bid To Remove Fibroid In Lagos


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April 6, 2013 – Fake Doctor, Herbalist Damaged Woman’s Womb In A Bid To Remove Fibroid In Lagos

Herbalist Arrested After Victim’s Husband Reports The Fake Operation To The Police.

An herbalist identified as Ayenoro Funsho has damaged a woman’s womb in a bid to remove fibroid from her uterus.

Funsho got into trouble when he allegedly forced pepper and other mixtures into his victim’s private part.

The owner of Dinah Natural Herbal and maternity clinic located at 81 Abeokuta street in Ebute Metta lagos collected close to N170,000 form his victim for the fibroid removal spiritual surgery.

The victim who desperately needs another child seeks for solution at Dinah Maternity clinic in order to conceive again.

To cut the long story short, Funsho prepared the charms and forced it inside his victim’s private part.

He later ordered the woman and her husband to return home.

Due to the severe pain the victim suffered, her hubby took her to a specialist hospital on Lagos Island where doctors confirmed that her private part and womb have been damaged beyond repair.

Angered by the damaged done to her wife’s womb, the victim’s husband reported Funsho to the police and they later arrest him.

The maternity clinic has been shut down as Funsho, the reknown herbalist cool off in police net.