Falana To Buhari: Release Kanu From House Arrest & Orders Soldiers To Vacate His Home

kanu released house arrest

September 14, 2017 – Falana To Buhari: Release Kanu From House Arrest & Orders Soldiers To Vacate His Home

Human Rights Activist Olufemi Falani on Wednesday urged Mr President to call off soldiers stationed at IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu’s residence in Umuahia Abia state.

See part of the statement Falana released yesterday.

“I wish to submit, without any fear of contradiction, that the deployment of armed troops in Abia state and the house arrest of Mr. Kanu are illegal and unconstitutional.

“The deployment of armed troops by the President and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces cannot be justified in law.”

“In view of the foregoing, the President should direct the armed troops who have invaded Aba in Abia State to withdraw and return to their barracks forthwith.

“At the same time, the Commissioner of Police in Abia state should be allowed to take over the case of Mr. Kanu in line with the provisions of the Constitution and the Police Act.

“If he is indicted in the investigation that is expected to be conducted by the Police he should be charged to court as he is not above the law.

“But on no account the army should the army be involved in the arrest, investigation and possible prosecution of Mr. Kanu or any other civilian in the country”.

6 thoughts on “Falana To Buhari: Release Kanu From House Arrest & Orders Soldiers To Vacate His Home

  1. This is Yoruba way of life; duplicitous character. Why is Mr. Falana saying this now, does the government send troops to your house or any other peace loving people? If you’re a treat; you ask for it and you will get. I hate low IQ educated Yorubas, they pollute good character that our fore fathers clamour for at all times! Mr. Falana should get lost with his United Nations Sunday school memorizations.

    • ****…did u say u hate low ***educated people..in all your generation..nobody is more educated than this man speaking…*****

      • Ola, you are very **** for your childish outburst, you don’t know my academic coordinates and parameters. I am a Yoruba man; not a synthetic or a Yoruba epigone. I will criticize anything that is subnormal in our society because we should not allow fickle minds and anachronistic individuals whose manner do not portray their mental age(IQ) I don’t care if this man is from your state or your dad, if he talks nonsense, verbal correction and reprisal will ensue.

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