Father Who Throws Son In Fire In Ibadan Oyo State,Yaya Babarinde Arrested


father throws son in fire ibadan

May 2nd, 2017 – Police Inspector Interviews Man Who Throws Son In Fire In Ibadan Oyo state… Yaya Babarinde Arrested

A police inspector has interviewed a shoe cobbler, father from hell accused of torturing his son in Ibadan over missing money.

Yaya Babarinde who chased his wife out of his home was interviewed in Ibadan yesterday by a police inspector.

In his confessional statement, Babarinde said he was frustrated when he returned home from work and his neighbours told him his son stole money.

His confession:

Yaya Babarinde has been arrested while 10-year-old Lukman has been reunited with his mother.

Watch the confessional video below:

Why do people blame the devil for everything… How can he even claim he made a mistake by throwing his son in fire… This is wickedness of the highest order…