Fayose Can’t Escape Justice, Obanikoro’s Statement Of Oath Has Finished Him – EFCC

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Oct 29, 2016 – Fayose Can’t Escape Justice, Obanikoro’s Statement Of Oath Has Exposed Him – EFCC

Hear what a top official at the EFCC said on Friday about Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose’s involvement in the ongoing money laundering investigation.

“The governor is just grandstanding because of the immunity he enjoys. He personally admitted collecting money from Zenith Bank as a campaign gift. His associate, Agbele, reeled out how houses were bought from the N1.299billion brought by Obanikoro. And the ex-Minister has finally nailed him with his statement on oath.

“Fayose has a date with the court. It is just a matter of time. In two years, he will be in the dock to account for the contracts he executed in the ONSA to have earned such slush funds.”

The EFCC had discovered that Sylvan Mcnamara Limited, allegedly owned by Obanikoro and his sons, was used to launder the N4.745billion.

Obanikoro told crack detectives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) that N3.880billion was allocated to Governor Ayodele Fayose and Senator Iyiola Omisore out of the said cash.

He also said he handed over $5.377m (N60m then) cash to Fayose at Spotless Hotel, Ado-Ekiti in the presence of the former Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state, Dr. Tope Aluko, and other party stalwarts.

14 thoughts on “Fayose Can’t Escape Justice, Obanikoro’s Statement Of Oath Has Finished Him – EFCC

  1. Am not sure this is real. How can all this huge amount be stolen. We don’t actually know the truth but time will tell.

  2. Dhaka… are u a nigerian?…. are u just hearing this today? which truth are u then looking for….. cant u read btw lines??…. do you see or hear anyone denying he never collected money? its only Fayose who is only enjoying immunity at the moment….. but immunitywill never be forever

  3. @DHAKA, Are you are from this planet or your don’t read newspapers. how much are we talking about here compare to what others have stolen in the past and present… wake up

  4. I think it is time for all our lawmakers to come with amendment of our constitution that remove immunity from bureaucrats who involved or fingered to be involve in any criminal act as what Fayose has done.

    In any civilized democracy, Obanikoro confession is enough to compel Fayose to resign honorably from his position as a governor but in Nigeria democracy setting even with all these evidences, Nigerian leaders will never give up their position because of greed and lack of shame.

    Fayose wants to take advantage of our weaken Nigerian law by thinking he can enjoy immunity as a governor but one thing he never realizes is he can still be impeached with 2/3 of senate if there is hard evidence from his accomplice and conviction by the court. So therefore, Fayose is not fully protected from being prosecuted and possibly impeachment.

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