Fayose: I Refused To Fly Moji Olaiya’s Body To Nigeria Because Yomi Fabiyi Shunned My Office

fayose turn down offer to help moji olaiya yomi fabiyi

May 23, 2017 – Fayose: I Didn’t Fund Moji Olaiya’s Body Transport Fare Becasue Yomi Fabiyi Refused To Send An Official Request Letter To Me

Moji Olaiya Family Should Find Responsible People To Oversee Her Burial – Fayose

Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose has finally opened up on what led to the confusion between him and the burial committee set up late Moji Olaiya’s family.

In a press statement he issued through his media aide Lere Olayinka yesterday, Fayose came after Yomi Fabiyi for refusing to send him an official request letter.

He also called out Olukayode Salako for writing derogatory comments about him on the social media.

See the content of the press statement below:

Thankfully, Bola Tinubu has offered to sponsor the deceased and her baby girl to Nigeria.

9 thoughts on “Fayose: I Refused To Fly Moji Olaiya’s Body To Nigeria Because Yomi Fabiyi Shunned My Office

  1. i dont no why all these people claim celebrities were so full of themselves when heslthy you will see them on net floating fake motors,shops ,jeweries,manson,claiming being rich but when sickness pr death come u will see begging .youth let all of us be carefull dont do bad things inorder to immitate them some of them were lier .

  2. I personally dnt blame fayose for what happen because what is the purpose of there organisation while some of them will need an assistace and they will be looking for help in public i think there should be a countribution within there organisation not to be begging for money in public. Moji Olaiya RIP


  4. Confusion everywhere. Jagaban twale for you ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

  5. Fayose you are nothing but a piece of crap. Writing a formal letter at this time is not an excuse. This is an emergency situation. It appears you just don’t want to help this family and you shouldn’t have created an impression in the first instance.

    It was widely circulated through the media that you are sponsoring the movement of the late actress corpse from Canada and you suddenly derail from the plan. You are irresponsible man Fayose and you are not a man of your word, that is why you are unfit to govern.

    Even though Yomi Fabiyi is delaying to put letter forward, you, as a number one man of the state should have adopted another plan to keep that process going. You can’t just be a straight forward governor and think thing will work on one plan.

    At time we ought to have different plans in places in order to perfect our objective. You could have sent a delegate and hand over the check to one of the trusted organizers, family member in the presence of her daughter, let the family know you’ve done your part and later call Yomi to write a formal letter if you want it to be properly documented since the money is going to be drawn from state coffer. After all, don’t tell me that money is going to come out from your direct pocket.

    For another time, Just to let the public knows how disappointed and unfulfilled you are as an individual. This is not like a common political scenario where you can be playing games. The deceased was an ambassador to your state in entertainment sector. Do you really know what that means? clueless governor.

  6. I hope that this beautiful lady will find eternal rest, love and peace with the almighty God. She had been betrayed both in life and death by fellow humans. I’m not sure why the father of the baby is being so quite.

  7. if u formally request the state governor to assist,u must put it in writing officially..if its just a help.u need approach him on that which i kn he will do.order of protocols should be followed especially when u oversee the state money.

  8. Form follows function………. The channel of protocol must be followed…proper documentation must be made for future reference when its even state money…

  9. And some **** will blame Fayose for requesting an official letter before dolling out and later they will be the ones to cry that governors have embezzeled money, that they were throwing $s at Actors and Actresses

    When its your turn don’t cover your back and make it look to the world that you are a good steward when EFCC is watching and compiling evidences

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