Female Armed Robber Gives Birth In Lagos Prison

armed robber gives birth lagos prison

July 9, 2013 – Female Armed Robber Gives Birth In Lagos Police Detention

Ikeja Lagos State office of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad experienced mixed feeling when a female robbery suspect delivered a bouncy baby boy in the cell.

The woman was said to have been arrested two weeks ago and suddenly went into labour on Sunday. When she told policemen that her water had broken and that she was in labour, they thought she was joking.

But when her cry of pains increased, it dawned on them she was not joking. She was rushed to the Police Clinic attached to Area F Police Command, Ikeja, where she delivered a baby boy. The arrival of the baby was greeted by all with happiness.

The woman was said to have been arrested two weeks ago after her husband, a suspected robber, was killed in a shootout with policemen. After the death of the man, a member of his gang was taken alive.

It was this member’s confession that led policemen to Mile 2 area of Lagos State, where the woman was arrested. According to detectives, the woman, who is from Benin Republic, used to assist her husband’s gang to smuggle arms and ammunition through the borders.

Whenever there was going to be an operation, the woman, who was heavily pregnant, would ferry the guns and ammunition for the gang into Lagos State. Due to her heavy state, security operatives had barely glanced at her, let alone to search her. It was through this gimmick that the gang had repeatedly ferried guns into Nigeria. The bubble however burst after her husband was killed in a robbery operation and a member of the gang arrested.

[Report by The Eagle Online]

21 thoughts on “Female Armed Robber Gives Birth In Lagos Prison

  1. There is no proper evidence that the woman was fully involved in those planned robbery incidents, so the legal authority should give this woman police bond to nurse her baby whilst investigations are being executed.

  2. I backed u up bro to pardon her 4 God’s and dat her innocent baby. And may God hv mercy on her

  3. I backed u up bro to pardon her 4 God’s sake and dat her innocent baby. And may God hv mercy on her

  4. Pardon her my a**… Dey shuld just find one of her family members/relatives nd gv d baby to dem..she is a criminal so she shuld serve her tym in dia b4 cmin’ out,nt on d basis of her child.,. #amber#….
    P.S..she used her pregnancy 4 smuggling..she doesnt get a vote…

  5. I don’t tink she dserve to be pardon cos only God knows how many lifes dat might ve wasted tru d guns bin smugled tru her.

  6. For the sake of the baby , release her lest it dies with all the lack of proper sanitation and cleanliness.The mother for cring out loud is not receiving medical attention or proper nutrition for healthy milk production. Shame poor baby.

  7. Yes @ Parrot she did not respect the child that’s why she use the pregnancy to rubb and smuggle weapons into my country when am praying for peace, what if she had died then with the preg. during her evil act so she must remain in the prison caring for the baby so when grows and ask what they are doing in the prison yard she can explain her destiny very well to the child.

  8. maybe they need a law in which thay have to give a pregency test.What if that baby or it’s mother may have died? Nigeria is to advance to not have adequate testing facality in a prison.

  9. though she has commit alot of things bt we dnt av 2 count it on her pls 4 Godsake padon her so dat she cn take k of d baby bcuz is God dat make it apen dat way

  10. Are u guys even listenin’ 2 urselves? Dey shuld pardon her bcus she had a baby? Rili? She USED d baby 4 her nefarious activities…in my buk,dats insenstivity..tink abt hw many ppl dat doz guns r being used 2 rob,to be killed.., Folks lyk dat,gets locked up 4 gud

  11. My Q is who impregnate the woman and less ask how long has she being detain in the custody before she put to bed.

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