Female UNILAG Law School Graduate Arrested For Armed Robbery In Lagos; Chioma Ezekwesiri Leads 7-Man Robbery Gang

unilag law school graduate arrested robbery

Sept 5, 2013 – UNILAG Female Law School Graduate Arrested For Armed Robbery In Lagos, Nigeria; Chioma Ezekwesiri Leads 7-Man Robbery Gang

The popular saying “What a man can do a woman can do better” has been twisted in the case of Chioma Ezekwesiri, a 35-year-old University of Lagos graduate who was nabbed today for robbery in Lagos.

The woman who led a 7-man robbery gang was nabbed today by SARS official in Lagos, Nigeria after police received a distressed call from Bolatito Hotel off Kola Bus Stop in Ijaiye Lagos.

According to police report, the robbers stormed the hotel after receiving tips on a customer who just sold 8 million naira worth of fertilizer staying at the hotel.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad team reportedly surrounded the hotel and later searched all its occupants. In the process, 2 locally made guns and 12 live ammunition were found on the robbery suspects.

After thorough investigation, the robbers were taken to court.

Chioma who claims to have graduated from the University of Lagos Law School has been remanded in prison with 6 other members of the armed robbery gang.

Here is a list of the suspected robbers;

  • Amadi Igwe, 41
  • Raymond Chukwuka, 24
  • Ignatius Okeredi, 27
  • Michael Madu, 52
  • Okechukwu Jerome, 28
  • An unidentified man who escaped

They’re all facing 3-count charge of robbery, conspiracy and unlawful firearms possession.

35 thoughts on “Female UNILAG Law School Graduate Arrested For Armed Robbery In Lagos; Chioma Ezekwesiri Leads 7-Man Robbery Gang

  1. Law graduate bein an arm robber! Oh God! Wat is d fate of d up coming generatn wen our university kip producin arm robber instead of world changers.

  2. @cutie n sakos, if u two r bad guys n need pple is it nt pple u knw well dat u follow. A lawyer amongst robbers, wats our fate? Stop asking senseless questions about being igbos or yorubas. Prayer all we need, not human judgement.

  3. Na wao, naija situation has prompt dis mess and d selfish heary ofg a man make dis pple dpo dis. Have change den for beta

  4. all igbos and all christian. Hmmmm, if na muslims for be suspect, we no go hear world. Toh, una weldone o omo igbo… Una oga @ de top go find way get una out of prison soon cuz dats de normal mago mago for naija

  5. Na wa oo…. Why are u callin igbos?and hw are u so sure dat d one dat escaped is not yoruba?una don start again?if some igbos are bad,does dat mean its all igbos? Com’on…………

  6. @eve, you are so correct, it doesn’t matter if it igbo, Yoruba or Hausa, although i am Yoruba, but an asshole will always be an asshole,even if you are Yoruba igbo or hausa

  7. If e bi igbo or not go nd screw ur tongue.wat abt d 21 ashy wey dem arrest 4 kastina no be lasigidi kano kaduna nd kastina gals,life z nufin bt a moving train

  8. If e bi igbo or not make u jux screw ur tongue.d 21 ashy gals wey ekelepe caught 4 kastina dey r lasgidi kano kastina kaduna gals.lyf z nufin bt a moving train

  9. I beg mo una shut up; una no get talk. what if den mention d last person and it happen to be igbo? Igbos una dsametin. u be thief, robbers uhm yeye.

  10. I beg mo una shut up; una no get talk. what if den mention d last person and it happen to be igbo? You igbos una dsametin. u be thief, robbers uhm yeye. So far all of them na igbo, yoruba cannot be part of them. you hear? coz he no go fit understand their language.

  11. whether na igbo or yoruba is only God dat will have mercy on us all
    and forgive us all
    even all of u dat are talking if they search our sins they might be even better than some of us, so focus on your own and stop critisizing others

    every body get him own for him body.

  12. Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, I think we are one nation. Had it been these stupid people are caught in another country, they will never mention them as Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa , they will report them as Nigerians… Nigerians, lets think and stop criticizing for the peace of our dear loving country. One love.

  13. Who is blaming d girl. While there is no job in naija, a graduate wat do u expect. Abeg free d babe and provide work dat surt her qualification.

  14. Thank God Chioma is a qualified lawyer, she will judge her case by herself. The other day people were abusing Femi-Fani Kayode I think people can reasons along with him a bit.

  15. 7-man robbery gang, 7 people in the picture, 6 names mentioned and one reportedly escaped (probably after this report?).

  16. ***s again …! Na wa 4 these pple o. A 52yrs old man robbing with his son’s age mate, mayb the 27yrs guy is even his son. And a lawyer turned armed robber? A perfect irony. ***s are very shameless and greedy when it comes to money. God helps us all.

  17. I am not a nigerian, however I just like nigeria and read a lot of your newspapers¬∑ I think the government should create jobs for the youths, it’s gone so bad that a law graduate can into arm robbery

  18. D lady should be killed is she d only graduate citizen that doesn’t have job, she has been doing it since even when she is in school if you can investigate well. I graduated since 2000 no job and I help myself by setting business with the little amount I can raise.

  19. She is not a lawyer as her name was not found among those called to bar and also the university has debunked her claim of being a graduate from Unilag. She may be a dropout, but a graduate not sure. God will help us. A lawyer in this country will not condescend so low to go into robbery.
    God forbid

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