Female UNILAG Law School Graduate Arrested For Armed Robbery In Lagos; Chioma Ezekwesiri Leads 7-Man Robbery Gang


unilag law school graduate arrested robbery

Sept 5, 2013 – UNILAG Female Law School Graduate Arrested For Armed Robbery In Lagos, Nigeria; Chioma Ezekwesiri Leads 7-Man Robbery Gang

The popular saying “What a man can do a woman can do better” has been twisted in the case of Chioma Ezekwesiri, a 35-year-old University of Lagos graduate who was nabbed today for robbery in Lagos.

The woman who led a 7-man robbery gang was nabbed today by SARS official in Lagos, Nigeria after police received a distressed call from Bolatito Hotel off Kola Bus Stop in Ijaiye Lagos.

According to police report, the robbers stormed the hotel after receiving tips on a customer who just sold 8 million naira worth of fertilizer staying at the hotel.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad team reportedly surrounded the hotel and later searched all its occupants. In the process, 2 locally made guns and 12 live ammunition were found on the robbery suspects.

After thorough investigation, the robbers were taken to court.

Chioma who claims to have graduated from the University of Lagos Law School has been remanded in prison with 6 other members of the armed robbery gang.

Here is a list of the suspected robbers;

  • Amadi Igwe, 41
  • Raymond Chukwuka, 24
  • Ignatius Okeredi, 27
  • Michael Madu, 52
  • Okechukwu Jerome, 28
  • An unidentified man who escaped

They’re all facing 3-count charge of robbery, conspiracy and unlawful firearms possession.