FIFA U20: President Jonathan Watched In Awe As Germany Beats Nigeria’s Falconets In Canada

germany beats nigeria u20

August 25, 2014 –Pictures: President Jonathan Watched In Awe As Germany Beats Nigeria’s Falconets In Canada

Jonathan and his men were disappointed yesterday when Nigeria lost to Germany at the Montreal’s Olympic Stadium yesterday during the FIFA U20 Women World Cup match.

The talented Super Falconets lost to Germany during the 30 minutes extra time.

Though the ladies really tried, Germany’s Lena Petermann scored a lone goal against Nigeria at the last minute.

See more photos of Jonathan and his men watching the tough game below:

Kudos to the Super Falconets at least they tried to have reached the final.

Jonathan who was rumoured to have been flown to Germany for treatment has debunked the sickness rumour. He however didn’t tell Nigerians what he went to do there.

6 thoughts on “FIFA U20: President Jonathan Watched In Awe As Germany Beats Nigeria’s Falconets In Canada

  1. He should be thinking about solving bok haram menace and not football dis man needs to go and rest. Please dear GEJ leave Nigeria in capable hands and resign peacefully before you are called home to be with thy lord

  2. This is nothing but pure madness, stupidity and a mere distraction from those serious issues confronting our nation. We have a do-nothing president who left his country without telling Nigerian people the reason or reasons for his sudden absence from his duty. He was in Germany watching Germany players defeating our Super Falcon in the extra time. I sincerely congratulate to those great Nigerian players and the coaching team for their great efforts, dedication, and good representation of Nigerian people in that tournament. Seven “gbosa” for those players for playing a good match in the final match. However, Nigeria our beloved nation is battling instability, and is currently at war with the Boko Haram terrorists. In addition to that, president Jonathan’s administration and the Nigerian ministry of health are doing a very bad job in containing the deadly Ebola virus in Lagos and other parts of the country. It is so shameful that this president main concern is how to rig next year general election for him to continue to destroy Nigerian economy, kill more innocent Nigerians by his siblings – Boko Haram terrorists, impose more hardship on ordinary Nigerians due to joblessness and lack of investments, encourage more looting of public funds, continue his corruption, and finally causing Nigeria to break apart because of his foolishness, selfishness, imcompentence, poor judgement, lack of economic agenda, and his weakness to destroy his siblings-Boko Haram. Nigerians can’t wait for a new president come 2015 that will rescue our sinking nation in this deadly storm in the middle of deep sea. Is high time for us-Nigerian people to shun those distractions from this do-nothing president and hold him accountability for his records of failures in the past five years of his bloody and reckless presidency. Thanks.

    • Y u people never see good thing about our president ? Am very sure u will be among those that voted this man in.Please let this man be.The worst has been done,just shine your eye wella in the next coming election in 2015 so that we will not vote for the wrong person.Let all leave party aside and vote for individual in the next coming election.

  3. Nawa 4 ma Country pipulu ooh.. So oga Jona no go move body again? Abeg thank you vry much sir 4 ur surpport 2 our babes despite d problems Facing the country. Big ups 2 d Falconets

  4. sThere’s no govt that doesn’t have problem,during the time obasanjo,everybody was talking, why should he increase fuel to #65. Then,Umaru Musa Ya’adua came with 7point agender,which he couldn’t even fulfill one out of the seven and he died. All we’re suffering during their govt is Niger delta militant, which Ya’adua gave them amnesty. Finaly,goodluck with his own govt which you people are the one voted him into that seat,and now you people are complaining. Goodluck is not the problem of nigeria,because there are problems awaiting before he came. So he can only solve that he can, and leave the other once for another govt.

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