First Year UNILAG Student Commits Suicide By Drinking Sniper Poison Over Shame

First Year UNILAG Student Commits Suicide

April 29, 2017 – 100 Level UNILAG Student Poisons Self To Death After Roommates Disgrace Her For Stealing

The beautiful lady pictured here, Ayibiri Ayomide, a first year student of the University of Lagos took her own life on Thursday evening hours after her room mates disgraced her for allegedly stealing their stuffs.

It was alleged that her room mates at Queen Amina Hostel at Unilag complained of missing belongings.

In the process, they searched all the room occupants bags only to find all the missing items in three bags belonging to Ayomide, a student of Business administration department of Employee Relations and Human Resources Management.

After the discovery, fellow roommates humiliated her by calling thief and all sort of demeaning names.

When the shame became unbearable, she called her mother, a staff of the University of Lagos who came to her rescue.

She told her to pack her belongings and took her home.

She left her at home and returned to her office.

Upon returning, she met her in a critical state and later found out that she had poisoned herself using sniper (an insecticide).

She was rushed to a medical center in Yaba from where she was referred to LUTH.

She gave up the ghost at LUTH around 8:24pm last night.

9 thoughts on “First Year UNILAG Student Commits Suicide By Drinking Sniper Poison Over Shame

  1. I think is high time government find another place to use in replacement of LUTH , that so call LUTH is a grave yard, I don’t think they safe life, RIP dear, but I know there’s more to that hostel drama, someone planted all those stuffs in the lady bag, how come they find everything in her 3 bags? Haha people!, that room mate have questions to answer, she knows all what happen and those who are involved in planting those items in the lady bag

  2. Taking her life was nt a good idea and decision.She would hv endured the humiliation and later on make a genuine repentant heart never to go back to such act again by truly accepting Jesus christ as her personal Lord and saviour.

  3. I hope those that humiliated her feel much better now. One someone does wrong, some should criticize her and others should advice and encourage her to stop disgraceful acts. Am sure You’ll will feel sad, she’s no longer with u again.

  4. Sanni yahaya: I have embroiled in the same problem as dis girl while i was in 100L at kogi state university. One of ma roommates accused me of stolen his nokia batery, the battery was actually planted in my bag when i was not around so as to serve as an evidence but as strong hostel guy i stood my ground to defend the false claim which later degenerated into fight between me and the complainant. When they found out they later realized it was not true. This girl might have made enemy with some of her room mate which could result to setup bcos this is what actually transpired in my own case. My heart goes out to her. RIP

  5. We should always remember that youths make mistakes. Perhaps most of us would have reacted the way those room mates did when we were their age, (I probably would have done the same thing over 30 years ago). It takes passage of time, life-changing experience (“iriri aye”), wisdom accompanying age and insight into the word of God, to become better individuals and adults. We shouldn’t be too harsh on those girls. May God give them the hearts to forgive themselves for creating or escalating a situation whereby their room mate committed suicide. They need counseling, not harsh, unkind words. I am positive they will handle the situation with wisdom next time. God console the family of the dead girl, amen.

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