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Foluke Daramola: My Husband Kayode Salako Loves My Food Like Crazy

foluke daramola husband loves food

September 30, 2017 – Foluke Daramola: My Husband Kayode Salako Loves My Food Like Crazy

Alleged Nollywood husband snatcher Foluke Daramola has granted her 3rd interview of the year.

In this recent chat with Kehinde Oluleye, the actress talks about her marriage, love and family.

See excerpts:

On growing up

I grew up in a close knit family. My mum is a widow; we lost my father when I was a child but my mum filled both roles of father and mother with love and so I was not lacking in either. She taught us contentment and love and true values which are what we all stand for till now. She taught us to place more value on impacting humanity than chasing things that you won’t be remembered for.

How we met

I met my hubby on the social advocacy platform. I do a lot of that, so he was looking for a public face to use for his initiative; the change agents of Nigeria and so he contacted me and I was meant to be a face for the initiative.

Being both in the limelight, how does the relationship affect the people around you?

I don’t know how you mean people around us but we are just normal a couple that live our lives the normal way. We try as much as possible to take the paraphilia and paparazzi away from our home and union. That is, we live our normal lives the way we know best.

Due to the nature of your work, how do you balance your personal life and home?

I balance my home and work by placing it in order of priority. My family comes first in everything I do. I don’t compromise my hubby and children for anything. If I have to drop a job for them, I do that without thinking twice.

Any challenges as a popular person and wife of a popular figure?

Of course we are both popular. And that makes our marriage always on hot seat. But we know we are role models that a lot of people look up to. And we know we don’t have a choice than to keep our marriage. Aside the fact that we are both convinced about what we feel for one another, we have a perfect understanding between us.

How will you describe your hubby?

I will describe my hubby as a very understanding person. One that knows and trusts me so perfectly.

He’s one person that’s so confident of himself and believes that if you love a woman, you don’t have to cage her but allow her to fly that no matter what, she will always come back home. That is one fact I cannot help but appreciate him for.

What is your take on love, marriage and relationship?

Love is key but it’s not what sustains marriage and marriage is not love in relationship. Just because someone is married to you doesn’t make that person in love with you and it’s not every relationship that leads to marriage.

How do the family cope in his absence?

Because we have perfect understanding between us and we are both upwardly mobile, we just work and synchronize our movements. When I am not around he will be and when he’s not, I will be. But all the time someone will be on ground.

How will you describe his style?

I will say my hubby’s stylish in his own way. But one thing that describes him that you can’t take from him is his choice of shoes, wrist watch and his hat.

How do you relax as a couple?

We talk on politics, current affairs or sometimes we take holidays for weekends when we feel we need to spend time together.

What is your advice to women that are married to celebrities?

I don’t see it as any big deal. Maybe because I also appear on screen as well but it’s what we have together that’s most important to us and not the popularity from either of us.

Who apologies first?

It depends on what we are apologising for.

What is his favourite food and can you prepare it very well?

He’s a swallow person. He has Ijesha blood, so he loves pounded yam and one of the best things I love doing is cooking. My hubby loves my food like crazy. Those are the things he loves about me. And I pound very well. My mum wanted us to pound yam every Sunday before I got married, and I still maintain my cooking skills.

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  1. Max

    September 30, 2017 at 6:43 AM

    Madam milk industry, who know this one? the husband wey you snatch?

  2. Bonny

    September 30, 2017 at 12:29 PM

    You snatched another woman’s husband and have the guts to boast about this and that!!!!!!
    You better leave him to return to his wife. Repent restitute and be free.
    I hate divorce says the Lord. You wait and see how bitter it will end between the two of you. Go and ask those who did such !!!!!

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