Former Ile Ife Queen Wuraola Denies Ooni Made Her Popular, Says She’s Self Made

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December 5, 2017 – Former Ile Ife Queen Wuraola Removes Ooni Of Ife From Her Success Story, Says She’s Self Made

The former Queen of Ile Ife, Wuraola Otiti has removed Ooni of Ife’s name from her success story.

Zeynab who is still bearing the name Queen Otiti said she became famous not because she was married to the Ooni of Ife but because she worked hard.

The highly controversial Queen who is busy promoting her charity organization around the world took to the social media to say:

“Last week, the Government of Lebanon officially joined to support her organization- The Arab-African Economic Development Initiative. The Queen officially began her partnership with Lebanon through the Governor of Beirut, Justice Ziad Chebib. During her visit to Beirut last week, they discussed ways to established initiatives of culture meet culture to improve economic growth. With a large community of Lebanese citizens residing in Nigeria and the long history shared it is imperative to create sustainable initiatives to improve relations and create jobs.
The Middle East and Africa have a long and sometimes sordid history that hasn’t quite worked to a reasonable advantage of both parties. This partnership will create new economic opportunities that both continents can explore through cultural exchanges, breaking of social barriers and business opportunities for African citizens. More details on job availability to be announced shortly.”

Shortly after making the above remark, a follower asked this question:

“Although I admire @hhzaynab I often wonder the platform she uses to enter these bilateral relationships with foreign nations and the validity of the agreements.

The quick thinking socialite responded with:

“Thank you for asking. The platform is that of my own accord. An organization founded by me. Contrary to popular opinion, marriage is not the definitive qualifier of women. We have our voice and our own agendas and it has always been my mission to make this world a better place than I found it. My accomplishments speak for themselves. Through hard work and God’s grace, I have a strong network of world leaders and global influencers that are invested in creating platforms for stronger humanitarian efforts and implementing policies for the advancement of women and children.”

She is currently in Beirut Lebanon.

Perhaps Wuraola should stop deceiving herself. It is obvious she is living on borrowed glory.

Before she became the Queen, her charity organization was no where to be found, she obviously used Ooni of Ife’s influence to push the organization.

Why is she living in denial?.  #Yeyeness

5 thoughts on “Former Ile Ife Queen Wuraola Denies Ooni Made Her Popular, Says She’s Self Made


  2. Who knew u b4 u married Ooni?
    Your hardwork made you Queen abi?
    You might not be with Ooni again but whatever respect accorded to you, it is because of that man. Why are you still wearing all white sef, is that part of your hardwork too? Abegi, make we hear word jare.

  3. She can wear whatever color she chooses to wear. White is not anyone’s exclusive color to claim. Weren’t the clouds white before man’s creation? Besides, what is the relevance of the color of clothes anyone is wearing? I wonder why people focus on trivialities rather than the main issues. Please give Wuraola space to get on with her life. Remember she didn’t marry the Ooni, he married her and break up of a marriage or divorce doesn’t mean an end to a woman’s life. Why isn’t anyone chastising the Ooni? After all, that was his second broken marriage. Let us put ourselves in the position of others or imagine if they were our sister or brother before condemning them.

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