Frank Edoho’s New Wife Pregnant – See Baby Shower Photos

frank edoho new wife pregnant

December 26, 2013 – Frank Edoho’s Second Wife Pregnant – See Baby Shower Pictures

The 2nd wife of Who Want To be A Millionaire presenter, Frank Edoho is heavily pregnant with his 4th child.

On Monday December 23rd, 2013, Sandra got a surprise baby shower from her close friends and family members.

Sandra and Frank Edoho reportedly got married secretly few months ago.

Before meeting Sandra, Frank was married to Katherine Edoho and the couple have 3 children together before their marriage crumbled.

Check out more photos from Sandra’s baby shower party.

Frank Edoho recently started a divorce proceeding against his ex-wife, Katherine. Their divorce hasn’t been finalized.

8 thoughts on “Frank Edoho’s New Wife Pregnant – See Baby Shower Photos

  1. This man is an ingrate. Katherine started with you when you have nothing now that you’re wealthy, you suddenly found Sandra the snake out of nowhere.
    I pity you and those innocent kids you left with Kate

  2. Haba! You can’t even give it time,too bad. Don’t view WWTBAM anymore cos you now disgust me. Placed you on a high pedestal, but you just crumbled like a deflated doll

  3. Men are never satisfied they are always on the hunt for fresh blood. Give Frank another 5 years, he will dump Sandra expect if her concoction is strong

  4. Frank or what the call you, if you know what is good for you go back to your wife & children because this game your playing will not help matters. my dear kate be patient God will answer your prayer soon. remen blessed,am also a victim.

  5. Frank is an animal….the animal was jst a little shit radio presenter when his ex humble wife kate was working with nigeria television of the big names on AM EXPRESS back den….the dumb ass frank tried music ooo…but all failed…kate stood by him..and with her help he got job with mtn and becomes popular…and gather some coins on her pocket….the first thing he did when HE found some coins was to stop kate work…reduce her to house wife…and finality lay her off…’s hrt is full of wickdnx…..ateast am happy kate gat something to show for her marriage with an animal…the kids..

  6. Frank, 2 b frank wt u am suprisd. I admire u eachtym u present. Do u tink sandra wil make a beta wife, if yes y ddnt u marry ha first so dat der’l b no divorce. Jst b watchful cos d devil u know is beta dan d ‘angel’ u dnt know. I dnt know who caused d break in d union but 2 wrongs canot make a right.FE rememba d dread of HELL is worst dan d litle plesure of ds life. Rethink

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