Fraudsters Duped Ini Edo & Doris Simeon’ Fans With Fake Facebook & Twitter Accounts


January 20, 2014 – Fraudsters Dupe Ini Edo & Doris Simeon’ Fans With Fake Facebook & Twitter Accounts

Online scammers and fraudsters are working tirelessly to tarnish the images of popular Nigerian celebrities.

Recently, an unidentified man duped unsuspecting fans of Doris Simeon.

After being alerted, the estranged wife of film director, Daniel Ademinokan, lamented how her name is being dragged in the mud.

“I can’t believe someone would sit somewhere to tarnish my hard-earned image and name. I only got wind of this recently and I’m working with my team to nab this criminal, whom I heard had defrauded people of their hard-earned money, promising them heaven and earth,” she said.

On January 10, she sent out a BBM message, saying,“Good day peeps… I’m sorry to disturb you, but the denting and abuse of myself and hard earned name and image by a miscreant and criminal on the social media (BBM, Facebook and Twitter) has compelled me to do this. The criminal with BBM pin 3286734E has been defrauding and duping innocent and ignorant fans of Doris Simeon… I implore everyone to dissociate from this criminal, as I don’t transact business on the social media or on the Internet. Please, beware and spread this…thank you as always…Doris Simeon.”

In another development, Nollywood actress Ini Edo, has, again, cried out against impersonation by some unknown persons in recent time.

It was not the first time that the beautiful actress and some of her colleagues had raised the alarm over such undisciplined practice, warning unsuspecting members of the public not to fall victims of fraudsters.

In a BBM message, the actress said, “My attention has just been drawn to some fraudulent acts being perpetrated by some criminals using my social media accounts: Facebook and Twitter. They have been compromised. I’m hereby warning these fraudsters to desist from this act. I also advise my fans and unsuspecting members of the public to be vigilant, so they don’t fall victims. I have not asked anybody on Facebook or Twitter to pay money into any account. Please, be careful. Kindly rebroadcast this broadcast till it spreads. Thank you.”

It will be recalled that the actress had in 2008 called a press conference in Lagos to clear her name in some scandals bordering on her personality.

At that time, some people had claimed that she duped them money and gift items.

For her, it was a most trying period because she had just been granted pardon after she was placed on suspension by the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, over a petition by a movie marketer who accused her of indiscipline and insubordination on his movie set.

12 thoughts on “Fraudsters Duped Ini Edo & Doris Simeon’ Fans With Fake Facebook & Twitter Accounts

  1. I think the duped fans are gullible how can Ini edo or doris communicate to the extent of begging 4 money

  2. they came knocking on my door @scammers@ who claimed 2 b omotola told me they sent a plasma tv and a laptop i shld cal d courier servc to claim it with 5k. smtin dey dnt knw i b warri boy nd i search face book nd i saw 7 omotola jalade kehinde. she s just got 2 many face book accnt dnt u tink

  3. It has also been brought 2 my attention dat som of diz unscrupulous-minded impostors are trying 2 smear my hard-earnd name & fame wit mud. I hereby state categorically dat neva wil a big boy like me stoop so low 2 ask money frm my fans via facebk, twita, instagram or even my naijajist account 4dat mata. Anybdy who pays moni 2 such impostors is well on his/her own. But if u’r so stubborn dat u stil want 2 pay, here is my account details:
    Bank: GTB.
    Acct Name: Akuko Ifo.
    Acct #: 0525063485.

  4. If you embrace and jump into what ever sounds too good to be true, then there are traces of greediness in you. Stop looking for quick money and cheap things.

  5. who ever u re,u idiots the name INI is already there and there’s nothing u can do to destroy it,it has come to stay,have it at the back of your skull fools.and as for those of u who where duped, do u ever think that INI will go to the extent of begging for money?

  6. I think the scammer is back again.There An Ini Edo impostor saying on their facebook my status and you might just walk away with a Samsung Led Tv,iphone 6s or apple laptop,and it seems the unsuspecting and gullible are falling for it line,hook and sinker

  7. Sum as we speak are falling for the same trick line,hook and sinker.An Ini Edo impostor is on the prawl on facebook trying to trick loyal fans that they could win an iphone6s,samsung led tv or apple laptop just by liking’her’status update

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