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Friday Motivation: Anointing For Details

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By Ladi Ayodeji

If you are young person reading this piece, I implore you to develop an anointing for details. It will serve you well in life. I first heard the word “anointing for details” in one of the insightful teachings of Winners’ Chapel’s Bishop David Oyedepo, and went on to do a detailed study of the subject because everybody needs it to succeed in life.

Anointing for details or a knack for details, if you like, speaks of being meticulous, paying minute attention to details, due diligence, clock efficiency in the accomplishment of a task, and overall presence of mind. Although Dr. Oyedepo probably used this anointing in the context of a spiritual gift, I believe that it can also be acquired by training. You can be trained to be a very efficient worker who strives for perfection always and on purpose.

In every profession, the folks with the knack for details excel above their peers. You ought to desire this gift, which can be acquired through deliberate effort, in order to achieve perfection in any give task. You need high-level concentration to function in this area of gifting. You must shut your mind to all manner of distractions and focus squarely on your job. That way, you capture every single item required for optimum performance without the possibility of error.

Presence of mind is absolutely necessary for the performance of a flawless task. To achieve this, you set your mind on the job at hand and look out for every little detail that you need to deliver stellar performance. Everyone who desires quality output must have presence of mind. Forgetfulness is the number one enemy of an excellent worker.

If you have a tendency to forget things, it means you have a poor memory. But you do not have to live with it; you can train your memory to attain normal level of retention of details. If you don’t remember important dates, your life events, global milestones or job-related events, you definitely have a problem with your memory. In some people, particularly those in middle age or patients of certain illnesses, forgetfulness may be an early symptom of memory loss. You have to deal with it before it is too late.

When you have presence of mind, you are mentally alert; you can hardly ever be taken by surprise. You have a winning habit because you are always alive to your responsibility, and you deal with any emergency with firmness. Anointing for details requires swift timing response, like a cat goes after a rat or a snake strikes its prey. Poor timing response implies that you don’t respond to issues when necessary. You leave things that require immediate action undone. It is another way to describe procrastination. You postpone things you are supposed to do now.

You dilly-dally endlessly. If you do that, you are likely to forget many important details that could make a difference to whatever you are doing.

The ability to acquire information and apply it when needed is the core of the anointing for details. An empty mind has nothing in it. You need to study, listen and absorb the right knowledge for you to operate in this anointing. Diligent study is a sine qua non for the acquisition of detailed information you need to be able to do anything worthwhile. As you study and read wide, you gain vast knowledge beyond your field, which invariably enhances detailed application of knowledge.

Today, it is a lot easier to read wide because of the Internet; the world’s greatest repository of knowledge. At the press of a button, you can access information now with the speed of light, which would help you to acquire the details you need to take any decision. The anointing for details enhances intellectual and even creative vision. You are like a geek. Anyone dealing with you at any level knows they are facing a mega-brain. You can’t be messed with. Your domestic members of staff will return your change if you send them to buy stuff because they know you won’t forget a fraction of your money.

I always like to use soccer as a metaphor because it is our most popular sport. Victory in a match comes down to little details in the field of play. A striker sees a loophole in the defense and puts the ball through to score a goal. A goalkeeper leaves his line and an alert player takes advantage of that slip to score a goal. Little details make the difference for a man who is observant.

Little things matter, no matter in what field you are. For students, the ability to recall little details in the form of vital points or facts decides the marks or grades in examinations. Product manufacturers in the automobile and drug industries, for instance, regularly recall products because of a minor defect and suffer heavy losses in the process, apart from the dent to their reputation. This is avoidable, if the quality control personnel do their job with due diligence.

The key to maintaining the anointing for details is to avoid distractions and give maximum concentration to the execution of any task. Constantly updating your knowledge and skill and effective practice will help you live on top of your game always.

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OK, folks, thanks for being with you. Stay motivated.

About the author: Ladi Ayodeji is an author, rights activist, pastor and life coach. He can be reached on 09059243004 (SMS & WhatsApp only)



  1. Bimpe Oloketuyi

    July 20, 2018 at 3:45 AM

    Father please possess me with this anointing. I need it more than ever.
    I have problem with concentration

  2. Junior Ekweme

    July 20, 2018 at 3:46 AM

    I really love this. Thank you sir

  3. iron bar

    July 20, 2018 at 4:35 AM

    on point..what a refreshing way to kick start the weekend.

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