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Friends Or Foes Nigerian Movie: Nollywood Lovers Blast Dabby Chimere For Poor Production

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Friends Or Foes Nigerian Movie: Nollywood Lovers Blast Dabby Chimere For Poor Production

friends or foes nollywood movie

March 9, 2015 – Friends Or Foes Nigerian Movie: Nollywood Lovers Blast Dabby Chimere For Poor Production

Budding actress Dabby Chimere has released her first movie and it has met with critisim from Nollywood movie lovers worldwide.

The movie produced in Lagos by Dabz Movie production and directed by Chinedu Ejike Obim featured actresses Belinda Ef­fah, Daniella Okeke and Jojo Charry.

This is what Dabby said about the movie:

“The movie would bring to light what up-and-coming female actresses undergo at the hands of movie producers and how celebrities scheme to make newspaper headlines through scandals. We premised the movie on four beautiful career ladies, a producer, an upcoming musician, an A-list actress and a celebrity stylist. In fact, it is a controversial true-life story based on lies, deceit and betrayal. The question that will be left in the minds of viewers would be if the four ladies are friends or foes; and that is where suspense will come in.

Contrary to Dabby’s promise, movie watchers gave the movie 2 out of 5

Here are some reviews from folks who have watched it:

  1. “Another movie with no clear ending. What a waste of my time. Your website also needs lots of help! I will not renew my subscription.” – Gresha
  2. “Boring, boring” – Jerry
  3. “”The Movie is out of League”
  4. Am watching this movie coz of Belinda buh notice little error from the production. We understand that its a drama but you’ve to make it real. (True or False) – Gloria
  5. just wasted my life, belinda looked good though – Anita Ibe
  6. Ridiculous the intro is wack!! And the thing is voice over omg sad!!! – Lissy
  7. hmm well i think the storyline was great and could have been further developed yet the acting someitmes was very poor..However, i have seen most of the actresses do better in other movies..and those saying amanda is annoying well she is just playing her part..she is a good actress. seen Daniella in Lagos Cougars and I think He loves me which I think she produced and she was good…and for Dabby Chimere (Anita) i think she is also a good actress and her storylines are on point from her movies..2nd Honeymoon and Misplaced Desires (with Alex Ekubo) – Getty
  8. Very very boring from the beginning but kinda nice at the end- Lora
  9. the voices over the mouth movements are inconsistent. – sharon
  10. God help us! more fake hairs, more very tight dresses, more extreme short skirts, equals more of nothing worthwhile. I hope the person who wrote the script for this movie was not paid a dime, because it was a bloody waste of time. Except that all the women in the movie are beautiful, and have very shapely buttocks…I am still trying to get their anatomy out of my mind before my wife sees the blank look on my face, and know that I have been cheating on her…by watching this DUD OF A MOVIE!!! P.S. How come the “anita” character is always eating in every movie I have seen her so far? – anonymous
  11. very stupid movie, bad acting too much yelling, waste of my time and resources, this is a youtube level movie not Iroko c’mon guys really, even youtube have lovely movie. WE NEED QUALITY, GOOD, OUTSTANDING STORYLINE MOVIES. – Rama
  12. First the oyibo names Amber, Anita, Amanda, martins gbo Gbo eh. Second the voice over. Mmmm mmmm mba nu nu. No catalytic moment for the movie the springboard. It is some serious drag.- Crazlyne

Watch the trailer below:

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nifemi Brooklyn

    March 9, 2015 at 1:17 AM

    dabby should stick with acting or get a prof producer

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