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Frustrated Wife Tells Nollywood Actress Ronke Odusanya, Flakky Ididowo To Take Cheating Husband

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Frustrated Wife Tells Nollywood Actress Ronke Odusanya, Flakky Ididowo To Take Cheating Husband

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Oct 21, 2014 – Chicago Woman Tells Nigerian Actress Ronke Odusanya, Flakky Ididowo To Take Cheating Husband

Frustrated Wife Says Nollywood Yoruba Actress Ronke Odusanya, Flakky Ididowo Can Have Her Cheating Husband

After a series of back and front argument and media fight that started back in 2008, a Chicago-based socialite has finally let go of her cheating husband, Mr Femi Anibaba.

In a recent email sent to several media houses few hours ago, Falope Sokoya tells Ronke Odusanya she can go ahead and take her husband since he hasn’t supported his family since he eloped with her.

The full content of the email reads, “Hello everyone, my name is Folape Sokoya, whose name has been dragged all around about Ronke Odusanya (Flakky)/Femi Anibaba issues.

“I will appreciate it highly if all Nigerian media can take my children’s picture down from their websites, blog, twitter, etc. page that they have it on. My children have nothing to do with all of this, and I don’t want them being used.

“I did not want to say anything about all the noise and cry from Ronke Odusanya. I’ll be darn if I also kept quiet about the accusations. This all started in 2008 as stated by Ronke. She is right, I chatted with her on Facebook.

“During this our chat, I advised her to stay away from my home. In the event, I realize that she did not listen to my warning. I tried to make her understand that she is the problem between my husband and I.

“I thought Ronke Odusanya is a woman how wrong was I? I tried everything to make our marriage work. I started praying, begged him to come to counseling with me, and brought the Pastor to our home to help. He never gave our marriage a chance. After all, I decided to leave so that I can see my children grow up.

“Bukky, my friend has said most of what I have to say. I just want to remove my name and personality from all this. I am a very reserved and God fearing person. I do not believe in pulling and/or bringing images, career, or life of others down.

“I hope all will learn from all of these. It is easy to be swayed if you want to be swayed away. The decision to be or not to be is yours. God give us that choice to choose the right way or the wrong way.

“Well to let the sleeping dog lie. I am very well done with Femi Anibaba and his lies, betrayal, deceits and scandals. I have moved out of his home, move out of his life and moved on with my life. I am happy with my life and my children’s progress, God has been good to us.

“Femi is just one of those men that has “NO” content in their life, a self- centered, ignorant man who thinks only about himself. In all, I wish him and Ronke the best in life.”

Ronke Odusanya and Femi Anibaba got married secretly few days ago in Lagos but the Nollywood actress has come open to deny the wedding despite confirmation from close sources that the traditional wedding ceremony actually took place.

Femi Anibaba is a naturalized American citizen.



  1. Helen

    October 21, 2014 at 7:10 AM

    Am happy to hear this,this is the first thing you suppose to do before if am in your shoe.Your best friend and your husband are your kids let the useless man go and face your kids.your kids future is now your priority and may almighty God continue to bless you.Regarding your mother inlaw as I heard that she know’s about there wedding you leave her alone because some of them are iya oko chocolate-and she will see what is going to happen to her.

  2. femi

    October 21, 2014 at 11:09 AM

    another nollywood prostitute. she actually looks the part. will these girls ever stop?
    she has gone round the men in lagos and now looking for a blue passport. Shiiiiiiiooorrrrr.

  3. nkiru

    October 21, 2014 at 11:12 AM

    good that u have move on with ur life.

  4. Jilo

    October 21, 2014 at 2:31 PM

    I’m not trying to Judge or apportion blame to either party but from all indications, this lady Folape has no more feeling for her estrange husband. I really appreciate how she handle the situation in a more mature manner. This marriage has already fall apart even before Ronke came into the picture. I don’t believe Ronke has anything to do with their separation. People have been blaming Ronke because she is a public figure. If we truly examine the above situation, the couple in question are no more in love. Since Femi wants to be with Ididowo why blaming her. Femi has assure her and Ronke has seen that, that is why she is staying the cause. When you trying to blame Ronke, what about Femi who went out of his way to buy expensive engagement ring for her. I bet you no spinster will resist that offer.

  5. Taiwo

    October 22, 2014 at 6:37 AM

    When are they going to learn how to do the right things .move on with ur life God is ur strength

  6. Viddy cool

    October 22, 2014 at 7:55 AM

    God is the best judge and i believe he will see u through.

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