Fulani Herdsmen Ambush Attack Killed 10 In Benue State, Nigeria

fulani herdsmen attack in nigeria

April 25, 2013 – Fulani Herdsmen Ambush Attack Killed 10 In Benue State, Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen attack is the second largest killer of many in Nigeria today with several attacks unreported.

Few days after nine persons were slaughtered in an ambush by Fulani herdsmen, another 10 Tiv farmers were, yesterday, feared dead in a fresh attack in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

The attack has also left many missing while farmland, houses and huts were not spared.

Vanguard gathered from an eyewitness that the assailants attacked Mbasenge community in Mbagwen in the early hours of Tuesday, killing and burning houses and farmland of their victims.

A survivor of the attack, Mbaungwa Igboko and Kahemban, who narrated his ordeal amidst tears, said his parents, Igboko and Kahemban as well as his brother’s wife, Mbalumunga Ananya, were killed.

He said two other persons, Kwaghsaa Iorbee and Orsaa Akosu, were also killed in his presence before he managed to escape. “As I talk to you, there are many others we are yet to ascertain their whereabouts,” he said.

Calling for the intervention of the state and Federal Governments in the matter, he lamented that the attacks were coming at the time of full scale farming activities.

Speaking to newsmen in a telephone interview, member representing Guma/Makurdi Federal Constituency, Mr. Emmanuel Jime, expressed displeasure with the recurrent insecurity in his constituency and the wanton killings and destruction of property.

Jime said the National Assembly would have to take urgent steps to check the recurrent bloodbath being unleashed in parts of Tiv land by Fulani invaders.

When contacted, the Benue State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Deputy Superintendent of Police Daniel Ezeala said the command had not received information on any fresh attack in the state.

[Report by Vanguard]

7 thoughts on “Fulani Herdsmen Ambush Attack Killed 10 In Benue State, Nigeria

  1. Imagine fulanies too dey kill Nigerians, what ▲ lazy attitude in the
    Highest other. Kill all the fulanies and let that fu*ken-shit to pack

  2. really Nigeria fulanis dont kill,only love thier animal than thier children,but this Fulanis are new comers from Niger,mali and senegals coming to kill nigeria in their country no border.

  3. My candid advice to the people of benue fight back and save ur land if nt they will claim ur land that is wat happend in jos,na their way be dat they r too troublesome.so pls fight back

  4. Benue state if u ppl like u ppl can fold ur hands nd watch ppl dat dont hv state nd homes be killing u ppl!dey shud come nd try it in d east nd see wat will happen to their generations!fight them back u hv men dat ar fit to fight so y do u want them to kill ur wives b4 u will realise urselfs?ok oo

  5. The incumbent government of Benue state and her officials should take serious action on this issue of fulani attacking Tiv and Idoma and other languages in the state. The government should know that these wander about people (hausa/fulani) are out for trouble,i.e why they keep on trouping in Makurdi metropolis in the name of business transactions, and nobody care to interrogate them not even the securities.These same people have succeeded in destroying other peaceful states in the north.Now Benue state is their next target.Pls Mr. Governor take note and stop embracing and accomodating them in your state in the name of peace,because they dont know a word ‘peace’. ( I am a concern citizen who had suffered from their havoc in the far north, therefore I know almost everything about them).

  6. fulanies should be wipe out in nigeria becouse they are useless and they are killing important citizens i hate fulani with passion.

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