Fulani Herdsmen Attacked Community In Imo State; Several Injured

fulani attack in imo state

August 9, 2013 – Fulani Herdsmen Attacked Imo State Villagers; Several Injured

Some wicked Fulani cattle herdsmen have unleashed terror once again in a rural community in Imo State, Nigeria.

On Thursday August 8, 2013, we learnt some Fulanis opened fire on villagers in Umuekwunne Irete community.

The attack left several people badly injured. Worst hit were two brothers from the same family.

One of them identified as Chibuzor Hezekiah Okorie was shot in the stomach with an Ak47 riffle. They also macheted his leg and chest.

The other brother was also severely injured while trying to escape the attack.

According to Irete residents, this is not the first time the Fulanis will attack their village.

The community members said they have reported the case to the police on several occasions but they have done nothing to help them out.

How are these Fulani herdsmen different from Boko Haram?

24 thoughts on “Fulani Herdsmen Attacked Community In Imo State; Several Injured

  1. Are you kidding me? ala owerri nke m? years back after the kaduna riot we killed all the Hausas in the ama hausa community and burnt all their evil dollars, pounds and euros. which is the only business they know in nigeria. so now you are telling me that fulanis attacked what? in which state? and irete what? do i have to buy tickit now and come back from europe? does it mean that there is nobody in owerri? people should mobilize and make sure that the targets are being neutrilized. we fought nigeria government for three years and with abeg from the international community we atoped, now is fulani, not even in the north but in owerri and two people wounded? ok.

  2. When will our people wake up and smell the Coffee or Tea? These are BOko Haram men under a canopy of cattle rearers!
    Nde Igbo you are being infiltrated! Whoever heard of cattlemen with high powered rifles? Who? Then people whose souls are misguided talk about “One Nigeria?” Shame and more shame be unto the so called Police and who ever is the rulers of this place! They are busy politicking that they are not taking care of business!
    What is wrong with those politicians in power there? They are all over weight from too much food and alcohol!
    Sick, Sick Sickening to read! Sicker to look at the maimed people!
    This is unconscionable!

  3. God wil punish them those stupid Imo should be careful n watch over them if government refuse to do some let d ppl of imo something dey wil think of killing any one.

  4. God wil punish them those stupid ppl, Imo should be careful n watch over them if government refuse to do some let d ppl of imo something dey wil think of killing any one.

  5. Enough of fulani’s attacking people here and there, they should not be allow to be taking laws into their hands every time, this time around they should be thought a lesson they will never forget.

  6. those that mean that Ak47 is now the shapherd staff they the fulanis use in controlling their cattle or they go out to kill other tribes in the name of cattle rearers or what.

  7. What where they thinking to attack the igbos in their own back yard, they have definitely bite more than they can chew. The battle has just began

  8. The pple ofd@ community must b stupid nd foolish. O na unu a mara ka e si agba egbe? Ihe unu ga chupu ha n’ana unu na ana igbo once nd for all unu a na gwa police. O kwa eye for eye na tooth for tooth. Rubbish!!! if every igbo youth tot like me d fulanis will not even step on our land.

  9. I feel insulted reading this, especially the ‘this is not the first time…we informed the police’ part. Biko, are there no young men who spent 9 months in their mothers wombs in Irete again? What has happened to their arms? Has it become too weak to lift a weapon? When a man weaker than u attacks you in ur father’s compound, what do you do?!

  10. Am frm benue state, i knw them thats how they use to look for wahala. Plz dnt let them into ur place, they are very wicked. Dont give ur precious thing to the swines cuz they wel match it and then attack u. Thanks, my naija my future. Love ya all.

  11. Actually this incredible for the stupid Fulani to cm to our. land nd harm us.place our federal. government shld do som tin ova dis issue. for us to b secured. derived z need for security n our state nd oda wise .dis may b anoda bokoharam grp n Nigeria.

  12. the leadership of the igbos have gone to sleep at these crucial time in these nation where all ethnics must stand out and be taken serious. i dont blame them, where in nigeria can another ethnics come to your neighbours back yard and cause so much pain without repacaution. its time for the leaders of the eastern region to stand up and live up to thier past glories.

  13. In Igbo land Abakaliki man are regarded as the most stupid and foolish people if it was in Ebonyi land this thing happened particularly Ebonyi North and central by now they for don here ram, there bitter experience with my local government Ohaukwu 135 Izhiangbo precisely has thought them there lessons, well this post borders me because my mum is from the state Orsu precisely Imo people you flex and party a lot wake up fight them don’t wait for our ill fated police, God bless Imo state nwa di ala.

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