Funke Akindele Cheating Jenifa’s Diary Cast, She Pays 3000 Naira For All Night Shoot – Insider

funke akindele N3000 naira all night shoot

April 27, 2017 – Funke Akindele Accused Of Cheating Jenifa’s Diary Cast Members, Actor By Paying Them 3000 Naira For All Night Shoot

How Toyo Baby Was Sacked For Requesting Pay Increase

More details have emerged on the controversy surrounding the parting of Funke Akindele’s Jenifa Diary’s actress, Juliana Olayode aka Toyo Baby.

According to inside sources, Funke Akindele forcefully removed Toyo Baby from the series over payment issues.

We learnt Toyo requested for pay increase from Funke Akindele, a request that forced Funke to lambast her calling her an ingrate before she sacked her.

One of the stars of Jenifa’s Diary revealed to TNS how Funke Akindele has been underpaying JD cast members even after a rigorous all-night shoot.

Here is what the anonymous actor said in a text message sent to TNS:

Investigation revealed that celebrities who make cameo appearances like Falz D Bahd Guy, Toke Makinwa and Tiwa Savage are paid between N100K and 300K per season while those who dedicate more of their time to make the show successful get 3000 Naira per episode.

As it stand, Juliana Olayode and Funke have parted ways and have unfollowed each other on Instagram and Twitter.

13 thoughts on “Funke Akindele Cheating Jenifa’s Diary Cast, She Pays 3000 Naira For All Night Shoot – Insider

  1. Don’t they have agreement on pay package and other issues BEFORE commencing the shoot? If the cast agreed on payment of N3, ooo.oo, then they cannot complain…….. And can re-negotiate pay .

  2. Funke, you need to be very careful because you are in different bracket now. You are just nobody but a role model who young aspiring stars are looking upon. I still couldn’t believe you did this but if it is actually you did it, you need to make amendment. If you give a JSS 1 student this kind of money, he/ she may just says thank you briefly or demand for more not to talk of grown up actors/actresses who have more responsibilities at home.

    Funke, if you are not ready to make a movie, do not invite some casts as if you just asking them to pick something from the ground. These people are professionals and have family to take care of. #3000 is not only an insult but demeaning. You need to be fair and treat to all your colleagues right. You will also complain if you are in their shoes.

  3. funke is innocent until proven otherwise but a worker deserves their entitlements.i forbid cheating or outsmarting people on their wages.its a big shame if true,

  4. If it is that easy, start your own show and let see how much you are going to pay your workers.It is very easy to complain .

  5. THATS NOT RIGHT, 3,000 NAIRA TOO SMALL IF THATS PAID TO THE EXTRAS, ONE COULD UNDERSTAND BUT NOT A Constant and on-going character as toyo baby, it’s unfair

  6. Yetty mama don’t say that every body have his or her responsibility at home, I will just advice my funke to make sure she treat his or her colleagues very well.goodluck

  7. toyo baby was the list cast I expected to receive such embarrassment, she never deserve it for any reason, is 3k tp fare or dinner money… Jennifer this one no sound like your thing at all.

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