Funke Akindele Reportedly Pregnant Again!! 2018 Fruitful As Jenifa Is Expecting First Child

funke akindele pregnant 2018

Feb 15, 2018 – Funke Akindele Reportedly Expecting!! 2018 Fruitful As Actress Flaunts Baby Bump At Omosexy Grandball

If what we saw at Omosexy Grand Ball over the weekend is anything to go by, then Jenifa of life might be expecting another baby.

This is coming months after the actress allegedly lost multiple babies.

The Jenifa’s Diary producer who is gradually returning to the social scene was spotted on the red carpet of Omosexy Grandball at the Landmark Event center in Lagos on Sunday looking very lovely.

What is more noticeable is her bulging midsection which the actress at some point covered up with her purse to protect whatever is growing in there from monitoring spirits.

See latest beauty portrait of the actress below

Whether our guess is true or not, our desire for Jenifa is to be happy.

Whatever her concern is, ‘Olowogbogboro’ will answer her this year.

This prayer goes all those looking for the fruit of the womb, God will answer una this year.

Have faith and keep believing… With God all things are possible.

10 thoughts on “Funke Akindele Reportedly Pregnant Again!! 2018 Fruitful As Jenifa Is Expecting First Child

  1. This lady is very satanic,she will never learn her lesson at all,must you always post your privacy life on media,you are a fool at your age funke,next we will hear miscarriage or something else

    • @Kapol Skipol easy now. My dear hope you read the article very well before aportioning blames on Funke. Acccording to the post, the writer is expressing his/her feeling not too sure if she is pregnant.

      The writer did not say Funke told him/her. Kindly read the article again and stop wishing Funke bad rather wish her well. Thank you.

  2. Who really cares. It is natural to f$ck your husband and pregnancy is one of the results. Btw her jenifa diary show is booooring.

  3. Babies are coming into her life—-l am sure of that. Naijagist,stop monitoring Funke and exposing her to ridicule.It is not fair. As for Kapol Skipol(who bears such a name!) God will reward you for the *******. Did Funke invite any one into her life? She went to a party,like everyone else and people decided she covered a bump. God will shock all of you very soon!

  4. father God I pray for funke Akindele and may people seeking for the fruit of womb pls God answer all of them according to their wish this year in Jesus name.. Amen

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